Friend of a Friend Leaving Battlegrounds

totally agree, i hope they read ur comment and rethink about it, i wanna create 100 blizzard account and comment here to convince them xD i may stop playing the game after the remove & i don’t want to :frowning:


The problem isn’t friend of a friend. It’s you designing garbage buddies that ruined this entire game mode like you ruined arena and tavern brawl and duels and everything else you touch. Because none of you know how to actually balance a game. You think randomness is “fun” in a strategy based game. All you can do is ruin the game and then patch it later. It’s the whole reason you had to implement rotations and wild in the first place, but now you think you can capitalize on purposefully imbalancing the game to get people to spend money on your overpriced products on this “free to play” game and then screwing the playerbase over when you “balance” it a month later when you notice no one is spending money again. You all deserve to be barred from game development for the rest of your careers.


Remove all Murlocs will make the game more balance than this.


With maexna, and megasaur

You could change it from battlecry to when you sell the minion.
While You are at it please increase the speed of all animations and add a skip battle button.


just make it Brann-proof

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I agree with szineztezia, make it Brann-proof. The combination is busted. Couldnt it be a way to for example discover on sell instead of a battlecry?


I feel like you’re missing the huge elephant in the room, ever since the armor patch went through every winner has 3+ Amalgadons. Maybe removed the adapt Battlecry and make it a T5 or something, that card is killing my fun every game

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Hmm, I wasn’t even aware this was a problem. Guess my MMR isn’t high enough. Every buddy I got off of it seemed useless at that late of a game stage.

I would like to have a skip battle button. It would be a nice way rather than disconnecting.

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idk i really liked that guy

poison rework would be a better option


Why are you guys so slow to nerf degenerate tempo based stuff both in constructed and BG but as soon as it comes to fun greedy late game stuff you nerf it almost instantly. Just remove Tickatus buddy from the pool and it’s really not that OP. People that actually play for 1st place need to be rewarded with strong plays later on.

Leaprogger already got nerfed and it is far from the biggest problem with the beast comp. Goldrinn and Crockolisk provide far more stats. Your proposed change would make the card so weak that it wouldn’t even be worth playing.

I not any friends now with this the card that make my friend the finding me more of the friends.

What I now do no friend.

I loved this the card.

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Yeah… GOD FORBID we have too much fun!

This has been the most fun patch since BGs were implemented… Should’ve known it wouldn’t last!

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Cool I’ll go back to standard it was fun using that card and playing murlocs and managerie but i don’t really want to play more teragosa abuse meta again.

I was afraid this card would be removed but felt it was needed, so that not every game revolved around the hunt for Brann and then this.

Combo I wanted to pull off: N’zoth buddy on Goldrinn, then double battlecry Sneed buddy on Goldrinn, then Sneed buddy on the Sneed buddy, exponentially increasing the Goldrinn rattle. Of course, the Sneed buddy isn’t a beast, so you gotta stockpile a hydra and macaw, and the like.

Hotfix for game because is too scripted, when?

I did not see this hot fix so when I discovered Brann with Elise & power tiered to 6 to abuse this combo, I was very confused why I didn’t find them. Grateful they made this hot fix because WOW that was beyond broken.

To all those that didn’t think it was broken: Brann lets you discover 2, and if you even get ONE battlecry buddy, Brann abuses it. Think getting the new hero’s buddy: getting 2 1, 3 & 5 star minions each. Or think about the Galakrond buddy double evolving the tavern. Or think about pretty much all of the buddies that buff your board. Or think about Yogg buddy…the list goes on. Brann broke this minion, and me immediately aggressively searching for it for multiple turns (before realizing it was hotfixed) is evidence that it’s a strong play.

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Friend of a friend should be when you sell discover a buddy.
Amalgadon should be caracterised as “unique” never golden and 1 per player.

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