FIX THE GAME. Many players have already quit!

When will this disrespect end?
What are you waiting for blizzard?
Do you want more hate and anger from your players?
For once be responsible for the chaos you have created and fix the mess with your embarrassing TAVERN PASS!!

  • Make card dust cheaper
  • Return 10 gold per 3 wins ( Nobody isn’t motivated to play anymore as their wins have no more purpose )
  • Increase gold earning in the new Journey system
  • Cut off stupid packs/tavern pass rewards ( NOBODY NEEDS THAT - We want to spend our gold on what we want, not what you dictate !! )
  • We want to discover our free legendaries ( choice of 3 )
  • And don’t sell us any more old packs from previous expansions for 20$, it’s embarrassing ( expansion 4 months old, none need that !! )