Failed - Network error

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Failed - Network error

I get this when trying to download Hearthstone, or Battlenet. I am up to date with updates, I can download from the App Store, I can download other large files. I’ve tried safari and chrome and the same deal. I have no extensions on either. I’ve googled as much as I can and still haven’t found an answer.

Hoping someone here might help.


Heya Pez,

I’ve been seeing this a lot with out of date Mac OS versions. Be sure to check with Apple to ensure the device is on the most updated version!

If you’re still getting the error on the most updated OS version, please also check the device firewall to ensure the download from our website is allowed by the security settings.

That didn’t work either. OS X is up to date, as is Chrome. Did the firewall thing…still getting a network error

Hey again,

Try using this link for the install. Though if that does not work either please contact our support team.



Can you update this link? When I download I get an error saying the file is not up to date. It says “” needs to be updated. The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information."


Closing this thread since it’s been inactive for some time! I’ll go ahead and respond to the new post here :slight_smile:

Just as a note, the file linked above will not work for Catalina. Only the direct link from the download page will work.

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