Failed - Network Error

Issue occurs when I try to download battlenet app. No antivirus software. Used other web browsers. Able to download other large files. I need a link that allows me to download the newest version and click “allow”. I have seen it before but I need a link that is updated to work with the most recent mac update - 10.15.2.

Hey, CRAY! I mentioned in the other post that the link provided a few months back, will not work Catalina. This is a distribution link that should work for older MacOS versions, but no the latest Catalina build due to the latest 64-bit changes.

I have a few suggestions that should fix up the “Failed - Network Error” when installing. This is normally caused by connection issues to the patch servers.

  1. Check the browser is up to date.
  2. Let’s try installing another region’s version. This is the EU English Client. If it installs, remember to switch to the correct region since it’ll start up in the European region :slight_smile:
  3. Try an alternative connection.

I have seen this require a few tries as well. Make sure that when the install is archived using the Archive utility, it’s not a .part file, since this means that the download is corrupted and incomplete.

If it persists, could you gather a pathping test to and contact our Technical Support team?

Hey, i messed around for hours with this problem. I ended up simply creating a new admin account and BOOM, downloaded straight away. Hope this helps

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