Expansion Date?

Did they reveal a date for the expansion drop? I didn’t see it in the blog announcement; it only said April. Just want to make sure I keep a couple of Dailies in my quest pipeline.

last reveal is on march 30 if is like the prevoius expansions well get the patch and the date right after the last reveal

did you remember to keep noz day daily?

Nope. Not only did I complete that one, I also had the Challenge a Friend one that I forgot to hold onto. D’oh!

I hadn’t even considered holding quests for the new expansion. Excellent insight!

The tavern pass expires on april 10 so it will most likely be april 11.

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It will come out on the 11th of April.\

The expansions come out like clockwork, you always figure when they will come out based on when they came out the previous year.

I’ve already created my fireside gather for the pre-pack opening :slight_smile:

there is a difference

sunken city final reveal was april 5

but this time the final reveal will be march 30