Enrage/While damaged conflict

I would not call this a bug, I think it is more like a bad interaction.

This is the scene: I had a damaged Amani Berserker (so it was a 5/2) and my oponent played Aldor Peacekeeper, changing my Amani Berserker’s attack to 1 (so it was a 1/2). I think it is not how it should work!

For me, the right interaction in this case would be changing only the “base attack” from 2 to 1, but keeping the enrage effect (so it would be a 4/2).

I think Enrage is more like an aura effect, if the minion is damaged, then his enrage effect should allways been active. Like when you change the attack of a murloc when there is a Murloc Warleader. Yeah, the atack goes to 1 but the +2 effect from the warleader persist so it has 3 attack. Enrage should be the same, it is not like they silence the minion, so the effect should persist.

Enrage is not an always active aura, it’s a toggle. Enrage will just set the attack. If a minion’s attack changes, Enrage doesn’t re-activate. You must heal the minion to full health and have it damaged again for Enrage to trigger again.

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Yeah. Thats how it works right now. But i think that it doesnt makes sence with the wording.

It doesnt said “when it get damage +3 Atk”, or “when he stops having full heal +3 Atk”. It says “while damaged +3Atk” which means “At every moment that this is damged +3Atk”. So it should work more like an aura.

There is actually a red aura that pops out while an enrage minion is damaged. And it was weird to saw a angry Amani Berserker, with that red aura and the text “while damaged +3 Atk”, being just a 1/2. Like, he keeps being angry, you know .

I truly think that this interaction should change, so it would make more sense with the text.

Please post suggestions in a discussion forum. The Bug Report forum is for reporting bugs.

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One of the developers mentioned a few weeks back that they intend to someday do a pass over all the aura/enchantment cards to make cases like this more consistent or intuitive. However, it’s expected to take quite a while since they have to plan it carefully to be future proof and then apply it to every card in the game.

Lol this is one of my first post so I felt the need to revive it xP

I was looking at the new “Bug fixes and Game Improvements” and this was finaly changed! It took 3 years tho xD

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  • Updated more individual card timings to make them match the general timing rules. The most notable update in this pass is that cards with “while damaged” effects will persist through enchantments. For example, a damaged Grommash will now have 7 Attack after a Wave of Apathy, instead of 1. In this pass, Lightborn Cariel (the final reward from the Paladin Questline, Rise to the Occasion) was also updated to now work like similarly worded cards, such as Southsea Captain, when a card like Equality is played (your Silver Hand Recruits would have 3 Health).
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