Enhanceomechano fundamentally broken in BG's

the new hero added to the game is fundamentally broken with certain minions and certain effect interactions, specifically the ‘reborn’ effect added via the hero power, just played a game and tried to go the typical leapfrogger beast build, as i got lucky with getting the reborn hero power trigger early on applied to some of the minions used in this build, however when i made them golden minions they would be reborn as non-golden versions, also, specifically to the leapfrogger, the deathrattle wouldn’t trigger and would just die, get reborn as a 3/3 stat minion and only when the reborn version died did the deathrattle trigger properly, meaning i lost through no fault of my own and a total waste of 30 minutes of my life i will never get back because of seemingly nonexistant testing.

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