"Emergency nerf" trashadin please!

Since it is broken. Gardens grace to 5 mana minimum, no free 5/5 taunts, no crusader aura. I cried in the forums, now blizzard MUST do it!

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I don’t understand, you’ve been giving money to hearthstone for ten years and then you complain about the bots, the secret pay 2 win algorithms, the blizzard strategies to make you buy every expansion… react and use hearthstone like me only as a game for the daily poop moment

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i didnt gave them money since the old gods expac. wont start again.

That’s what happens when Blizzard yields and puts out an emergency nerf, suddenly everything in the game should get nerfed according to the scientists of this forums page.

There is no such thing.

You don’t seem to understand what “secret” means, either.

Now everyone is crying about OP Aggro Paladin… yes many ppl. changed to aggro because the developers killed successfully every other Paladin decks with their stupid decisions… I hated aggro Paladin too, I played other self made tactic instead and Dancing Big Paladin before… but after the last expansion release… they killed everything else… but aggro. I was suffering on D1 with my tactic for months now… changed to aggro, made it to Legend and now everyone is crying about it… You know what? Thank that for developers… not blame the Paladins… they left us no other option… I hope in Highlander now, but not sure it will be effective enough tough… Developers killed the balance by strenghing up the aggro to an insane level… and made the control unlimited… not to mention OTK, minion encounter tools which are enough in itself to make a minion based deck fail, mainly when discovered 4000 times and reused… and then this stupid Snake came plus warrior TNT blowing up 9 cards of slower decks… is it really that strange most of Paladin switched to aggro? That is the only play able deck now for Pally… :roll_eyes: Damn this unbalance…


I dunno. With the right draw, paladin wins as early as turn 4. No class should be able to kill you that quickly, totally ruins the experience.

This game is just garbage.

its funny how you noobs started to unironically call the fruits of your crying as an “emergency nerf”