Early Prediction

Priest would probably take me the longest, i like to play control priests like zetalots midas armor priest which makes for long long games

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I never said I wanted to reach legend, don’t be crazy.

I really can’t take you seriously, everything that comes out of your mouth or your thoughts is evil.

a clear example of the classless type of person.

yep itll be fun i already decided to craft druid armor legendary and mage 9 mana one if i dont pull them thx to all the dust i got from this expansion nerfs and i have a pile of ice revenants to disenchant +1 golden one when the nerf goes live )

Yeah, just saw them all now with the new concoction cards and they look fairly weak. Although you can get some good value out of them, they aren’t going to be strong enough to compete imo.

I don’t actually think anything is dethroning DH/Hunter/Warlock. At least not right away.

Aggro/Midrange always does well immediately in a new meta, and these are all aggro decks.

The only deck I think has potential to have really strong legs immediately is undead aggro druid and maybe some form of aggro Shaman. DK has some potential, but I think will take time to refine.

in fact, aggro does better in default mode.

Warrior and Paladin will be completely useless again, which this board will celebrate.

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Dude…what are you talking about?

Enrage Warrior is a Tier 1 deck.
Control Paladin is a Tier 2 deck.

I don’t even know where you get this idea that they have nothing?

If you mean something SPECIFIC, like “Control Warrior will be completely useless again” then say that instead of “Warrior and Paladin will be completely useless again” because you make no sense.

I got to Legend in Standard with Control Paladin Highlander knockoff. I really don’t even understand where you think Paladin is or was useless this expansion.

Just say what you really mean: “Warrior and Paladin decks that I want to play is completely useless again”. And if that’s what you mean, congratulations. Because the Priest deck I want to play will be useless again. The Warlock deck I want to play will be useless again. The Warrior deck I want to play will be useless again. The Rogue deck I want to play will be useless again.


Given the way that you play you should not offer suggestions for this game, and you should never make declarations.
Someone who plays the way you do should be asking questions, and seeking out tutors.


yea aside from mage might having a good footing and rogue as well as perhaps paladin i would say the DK will be a nightmare.

yes you wanted to say something?

Exactly how many alt accounts do you have?

what? what do you mean?

Do you consider it a good thing when a deck has a decent win rate, but uses 2-3 cards from the newest expansion and that is it
Or how about when a class gets carried by one single Legendary (cough Cariel *cough) that offers no real replacement when rotation happens

Uh, yes, actually. That’s how MOST decks going into the expansion actually work. Most of the good decks pick up maybe 1 card and that’s it. So yeah, picking up 2-3 cards from the newest expansion for a single deck would be pretty awesome for the deck.

For example, right now, Curse Imp Warlock is amazing. We should all be hoping it picks up ZERO cards…because if it picks up just 1 card, the deck just got better…and I don’t know of anyone that wants that deck to be better coming out of the expansion.

I think that’s a discussion to be hand when rotation happens, don’t you? I agree, Cariel is an absolute life saver 100%. In fact, that’s why lots of people have started trying to put in weapon removal. I am hoping that by the time she rotates out, Paladin can still do well without her.

Bottom line here is that I absolutely love playing Paladin - specifically, Control Paladin. I don’t want the deck to go away, but it’s likely to happen when Cariel rotates unless we get a replacement for her.

But I also don’t think Paladin is in some crisis going into this expansion (unless DK just completely counters Paladin hard). I think Control Paladin will actually end up being a hard DK counter, much like I think Priest will be.

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I think the only real certainty we have about the new meta after the expansion is that Sire will still dominate.

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Sorry. Confused you with someone else:(

I’ve already noticed that you have a certain prejudice against the rich, so I’ll state the obvious, don’t answer me and I don’t care about your life.

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Also, I’m not obligated to win at any cost, the fact that you beat me doesn’t mean anything, I play in wild mode and I barely see your poor standard decks chipped.