Early Prediction

Armor Druid is going to be the best deck in the game at launch. Just seems overtuned to slot in with some of the current ramp package. We shall see

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Nah, rogue will be top dog i bet, and i say that without analyzing to deeply, just seen the few deathrattle mana cheat support cards and thought yup, this cant be good.

Very well could be. I’m glad to see a lot of classes getting some fun cards to play. Looking forward to trying Arcane Bolt Mage and new Enrage Warrior. I was just a little concerned about Druid power level at first glance

what ? no decklist ?

I also think druid will be the best deck early alongside DK (all 3 versions are looking good, but I’d bet on unholy with Sire for the best). The deck will be just ramp druid with a couple of changes like Chitinous Plating, Anub’Rekhan or Underking. Rogue has a great DR package but will still rely heavily on good draws, unlike druid who can easily tutor their stuff.

There seems to always be a sleeper class that comes out of nowhere on expansion release lol

We still haven’t seen what crazy stuff they’re going to give Rogue/Warlock/Hunter yet. We know Rogue has concoctions, and imo they look pretty dang good.

I think on expansion release Curse Imp Warlock just remains top dog, Rogue has some nutty combo and somewhere in there Druid ends up with some crazy OTK combo.

It’s really hard to predict because we have no idea how well DK interacts with all the other classes and deck types. I suspect DK will not be as strong as everyone thinks. And if Curse Imp Warlock gets any help from the remaining Warlock cards they are going to reveal, everyone is going to be in trouble.

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This is your expertise.

What can they do with Celestial Alignment and the new Legendary minion?

Is there some OTK? Seems a bit boring to just have a Standard version of Darkest Hour Warlock, dropping big fatties.

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Imagine thinking Naga Priest won’t be the best deck for eternity.

I don’t know what they can do just yet. I don’t even think they need CA. They can play Green Thumb Gardener now and be at 7 armor, 8 mana crystals. Whatever OTK potential they have, I think it lies with Green Thumb Gardener in conjunction with this Legendary minion. If they do play CA, they can just brann denathrius right away on turn 8. But this takes a lot of cards in hand to do and they won’t be doing it often. Ramp Druid just still might be better.

I say DK will be the insane class. It has to be good or no one will invest.


But they are only able to play all minions (any that fit on board) with CA.

You can do Brann, Denathrius, Zola, Denathrius X2.

I am curious if there’s something better than 6 Denathrius BCs. You still have to pump the Denathrius to get through boards , Renathal, Armor, etc.


This expansion is going to be shenanigans galore when it opens. A cash grab clownshow
for a couple weeks.

Play the new legendary, then grren thumb to to refresh mana crystals, CA, play lady A, nourish and malygos! Bam and off to the races. It will happen some but yes requires some cards. Edit just ya know six card combo!

Secknd option is to have the 4 mana gain a mana crystal minion in hand and then ya can restart the mana gain that turn as well

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Some dk deck will be the best deck.
If not then blizzard has done a bad job.

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The leaked concoction cards look super weak to me.

You need to play 2 either vanilla or worse than vanilla cards to get a better vanilla card (that’s still not “broken strong”).

The deathrattle thing (personally thinking big rogue with Invincible), or some sort of miracle with the new cycling/leg spell seems more likely to succeed for Rogue imo.

As far as predictions go, I expect due to the rush of a new class, either decks that can go under them, or that can deal with wide boards while setting their own wincons will be good.

So stuff like bless priest and enrage warrior.

Yeah, the real problem in standard is killing off your own minions to get board room.

Just doesn’t seem reliable, especially with all the disruption we’ll have.

of course it will be good, so much so that I’ll take DK to golden

in addition to being a class with two different mechanics. Which makes it quite enjoyable.

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Having played you, I seriously doubt that you can make it to Legend with anything.
You play like a complete novice, and that’s being kind.

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You talking to me, are you talking to me!! That is it, i got a new goal. Legend with every class in a month.

I know you can do it. Others who pretend to have expertise, however…