Dust refund for duplicate Varian or Prestor?

If I open a regular or golden Varian, King of Stormwind or Lady Prestor during the preview weekend (or I get it as part of the Stormwind bundle), and then I get the card from the rewards track, will I be able to dust the duplicate for a full refund the first week?

I remember that’s how Blizz handled duplicate Mankrik and Blademaster Samuro for Barrens, but I haven’t found a similar announcement for Stormwind.

I just opened my Stormwind packs and got Varian, so I really hope that’s the rule, otherwise I just wasted 1200 dust by not waiting till Tuesday…

I think you can dust it for full cost already; have you tried?

Varian yes, Prestor… I don’t think so. (You can’t get regular prestor from packs I think)

During prerelease, all Stormwind cards are uncraftable and non-dustable. But on another thread, VBrainstone pointed out that Celestalon tweeted about this, and the answer is yes.

You can’t get regular Prestor, but you could open a golden Prestor in pre-release. (And you wouldn’t open her after the reward track unlocks, unless you had every legendary already.) There was the same issue with Mankrik, you might open a golden Mankrik in prerelease then a regular one from the rewards track – so they let you dust the golden one.