Duels: Season One has Begun!

Duels: Season One has Begun!

Madness at the Darkmoon Faire cards have been added, along with new Treasures and Hero Powers!

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Hello i want to share a problem i have , i cant play duel heroique , a message says this deck is not valid on this game mode and i am stuck cant play anymore

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I found this mode very unbalanced => poor experience.
Main reason: availability of wild cards, long disenchanted or never obtained by the majority of the playerbase.
I tried it three times and have concluded that I will not play it again until it is fixed somehow (wild and standard mode or standard only)

Can it really be called a season if no one has the gold to play or the means to make more to play?

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Awesome! I can clearly see where your priorities are Blizzard! Great job!

ps: Duels sucks, so you better come up with something good next

Experiencing glitches in Duel mode. Often when going into the next round, one of the loot groups will appear completely blank. I have restarted the game client and it did not fix the issue, so I decided to click on it and see what happened. No cards were added to my deck and it continued on as normal. Then, when choosing my Choose One cards, it does not give me the option to back out when clicking on the game board like you can in normal mode.

if im getting this right you are claiming the best decks in duels meta need wild cards

any source of this ?
the mode is so new i cant find anything to confirm or deny your claims