Duels Mid-Season Update

Duels Mid-Season Update

The Mid-Season Update will add 10 Hero Powers, 25 Signature Treasures, 4 Passive Treasures, and 2 Active Treasures!

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12 DMF legendaries and 150 unique DMF cards is quite impossible for F2P players. I hope the 5th and 6th signature treasures are not too powerful.

3rd hero power will likely cost 1600 dust, gaining 12500 XP (12 wins, 0 losses) or 416 gold, one time… yeah… no. Hope it’s not too OP, but looking at the warrior one…


Bro not even the warrior one, shamans not being able to overload is quite literally broken. Playing a 5 mana 7/6 taunt on turn 5 for no repercussions whatsoever is probably overpowered. Also turn 3 having two 2/3 taunts.

Yeah I have a feeling shaman is going to be the overpowered class not warrior.

I play F2P and have spent 6k-7k gold this expansion, some of which was spent on scholomance to get epics for duels. I have 10 darkmoon faire legendaries and 116 unique darkmoon faire cards. That’s while I’ve been hoarding a fair few packs (I’m happy and sad that I didn’t need to do that). And don’t forget the 4 legendaries and 66 card total for 2k gold pack coming up in the same patch. I see those treasures as very much attainable for most people. As for the scholomance hero powers… I guess dual class legendaries count for both? That might help a bit.

No they don’t count twice. Anyway max scholo legendaries needed for duels is like 1-5. The bigger obstacle would be 150 darkmoon cards & 12 darkmoon legendaries.

This is ridiculous, this game mode is practically dead in the water right now and REQUIRING THIS many cards just to play this game mode is absurd. Everything should be earned in Duels, instead of having to throw gold at card packs until maybe you get enough for the next treasure. Even if the later ones aren’t that good, people still want to play them and try them out, limiting the experience like this for everyone is embarrassing and it makes duels the weakest game mode in hearthstone, because at least in Arena you don’t need to have the cards to play it.


So obviously true, I don’t know wtf goes through the HS teams’ heads anymore trying to control the meta to the point that you can’t even make an off-meta deck anymore. Let’s just roll dice and see who wins.


What about balancing current issues? Discard lock is still running wild in the game mode due to the cheap hero power, massive synergy with current sets, and ability to control the early game board. Then you have DR hunter that can vomit out high stats early.

Most the new crap won’t be used. Anything that summons a minion with 1 health is unplayable since mage’s best power COUNTERS it. Nothings worse then fighting someone who has a 100% counter to your ability, and that counter ability summons one of the worst snowballing minions in the game.

Paladin is still garbage. Due to fast decks like Discard warlock, DR hunter, and DH, making it to turn 5 to play a “Do this to all future cards” card that doesn’t do anything that turn is completely unreasonable. Paladin doesn’t even have amazing deathrattles nor the card draw to be turning everything into 3/3s to begin with!

Let’s not forget the new passive treasures. They’re so damn specific that they’re going to be a burden to pop up in the pool. Right now, it feels like you need to get a broken power early to even compete in the later rounds (Deathrattle synergy for Hunter, Double casting spells, etc).

Instead of adding new stuff that people won’t use because all the old stuff is currently brokenly OP, how about fixing the old stuff?


How did you get 10 DMF Legendaries? Did you craft them for Standard Ranked or for Duels?

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Yeah some people have every DM card. I don’t think people know how to efficiently farm whatsoever. Brand new noobs to the game paying $200 for the new set. Give me a break.

Cool! Cool the most imbalanced classes are still imbalanced, the useless classes are still useless, the treasure pool’s broken treasures are balanced out by watering it down with trash, AND you have to have ALL set cards.

Duels could have been made more enticing by lowering requirements, upping rewards, or balancing it for more that 3 classes. This does none of that.


soo DemonHunter get and improved improved Paladin hero power, while paladin that is probably the worst class in duel get a garbage hero power that let him do nothing untill is probably too late

Being able to purchase the entire mini-expansion right after release feels like an unfair advantage for pay-to-play players. 2000 gold is a lot for a FTP player to grind, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll collect all of the new cards without purchasing the mini-expansion. Letting players purchase entire expansions (even mini ones) further pushes this game towards PTP.

Being able to get everything for gold imo is a much better option than relying on packs. since on average you need about 160 packs for 4 legendary cards with ftp luck. Being able to get then for the equivalent of 20 is a much better option. As for the gold, well if you don’t have any you’d be able to get in in 20-30 days.

0 balance ??? really???

discard lock deathrattle hunter and outcast DH … you don’t touch them ?

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Duels is exactly the same as the last time I played. Zzz

Does anyone at Blizzard actually play their game?! That new Priest hero power is absolute garbage, and two mana to boot.

And of course the Warrior hero power and the mines treasure. I gasped when I saw the Mage HP that puts a 1/1 to HAND!!

Balancing would do the job. I like Duels TOO much for my own good.

What am I missing here I have 124 MDF cards and don’t understand how to even get to 150 there are no more cards to craft in crafting to get the other 26 needed…

Serait-il possible, un jour, de pouvoir enregistrer nos modèles de deck pour les différente classe. Ça ferait gagner un temps fou.