Duels Is Garbage Now

Between never getting treasures based on what you have and having to play the SAME PERSON who just beat you the round before, duels is just trash now.
My favorite is getting all weapon treasures, and not having a single weapon in my deck.
Or getting all minion treasures and my deck is all spells. It’s a joke now. People don’t do any kind of deck experimentation, they just net deck whatever they can abuse and play it over and over and over. I’m so sick of seeing the same 3 decks.
Duels needs to be fixed or it’s going to lose a lot of players, I’m not the only one feeling the burn here.


The matchmaker bug is known by Blizz and they are, “looking into it.”

The algorithm that rigs games is glitching.

Don’t leave out Sire ruining fun back and forth play!

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I am trying to fix the link. Blizz is aware of the matchmaker bug.

Lol. I am terrible trying to do this on mobile. I might get it up this week.


Here is the relevant bit:

  • [Added 9/28] The team is aware that some players in various modes are matching into the same opponent multiple times in a row. The team is investigating the issue and potential solutions to it.

“now” is not the correct word to use.

you saying it was garbage or a joke prior to this issue?