Duels bug - from golden light is resurrecting 2 minions

This is utterly bizarre but I’m playing and every time my opponent uses his hero power it resurrects 2 minions instead of one. I’m pretty sure he’s as surprised as I am.
There is nothing in play that would cause it, clearly a bug.


Yup, I am seeing the same issue.

Yeah same here, did not even know this was an issue until I selected him.

this sh1t is meta already, it’s unplayable

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same thing. Game breaking.

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Same thing happened to me

Duels is unplayable until this gets fixed.


fix and refund gold -.-"


still happening. blows my mind considering it was fine a few days ago

Came here to report the same issue. Played against a mech deck and They kept getting two MechWarpers.

How is this still not fixed? If this bug had to do with the shop they would have shut the game down in seconds.

At least it finally made the ‘known issues’ list today. Took long enough.

Same here, i want gold refund damn it …

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I have lost 6 times to this very bug in lastg 4 Duels run. It is outraging that Blizzard doesn’t care. People can be CHARGED to play instead of gold… And then they meet this? Which in most cases is -1 life. When you lose twice in a row to this it makes you quit it. Just clap blizzard

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Same here, Where is the refund as apology for the issue Blizzard ?

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Imagine losing 3 times in a row to any enemy, all the time. Not just to this bug.

Unbeatable. I thought the guy I played was hacking. But the next one was the same. Lost 2/3 games to this stupid bug, summoning 2 5/1 reborn minions for 2 mana every 2 turn. Nah mate

In the last few days everybody’s been using this paladin with the double resurrecting bug - Extremely op -

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this is one of several posts / threads about it, been bugged for 1-2 weeks…

I agree, duel is unplayable, 2 weeks to fix that seems pretty long…
Sad to see blizzard doesn’t really Care to this mode because it is ont of my favorite.

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