“From Golden Light” is bugged


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So I just played a match against an opponent(name and battletag can be given) who used Turalyon with hero power “From Golden Light” and starting treasure “Su Leadfoot”. Passive treasures was “Righteous Reserves” and “Avenging Arnaments”.

A pretty common combo.

The bug though was a first for me: Every time he used his hero power, not one but two minions was summoned. Every time. He seemed as surprised as me. Didn’t stop him from abusing it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Just chose Turalyon myself with the same starting hero power and treasure. Bug appear again.

Edit nr 2: Ok. “From Golden Light” is bugged outright now. Doesn’t matter what treasures you choose, it will always summon two minions instead of one. And have seen players starting to abuse it. Fix please :slight_smile:


Posted yesterday. Same scenario. Multiple people have confirmed.



What I don’t understand is that it has been three days

Disabled the hero power if you can’t fix it

Seems pretty simple to me

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Yup, just came looking for other reports of this. Am currently playing, summoning 2x minions.

It just happened against me and ended my run :frowning:

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Seen it twice in today. Way too OP. I wonder if its also in heroic runs?

it ruined my perfect run. First time I ever had a chance on a 12-0 and met turalyon as last fight. Not saying I would certainly had won if it wasn’t bugged but it sure didn’t make the fight easier :frowning:

Hi! Since the devs won’t deal with this quickly, can’t we as a community make a gentleperson’s agreement not to use this hero power until they do? Now I am meeting players who are spamming that 5/2 insta-die Undead. Preposterous power for the mana. Let’s exercise some restraint instead of leaping to exploit, friends.

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Just lost a match due to this bug! I don’t understand how it can be almost a week and it’s still not fixed

I can understand if something takes time but players who keep exploiting this bug should be banned.

No one who has won several matches and kept using the hero power can claim they don’t understand that it’s an exploit.

It’s in heroic…I just played with it not knowing about the bug. Searched google once I ended my game. Sigh…now I’m conflicted…do i just end my run? sigh…

Subhumans abusing this. Garbage players.

That’s a tough one…

I guess, since you paid for the run, you should complete it. But to be fair to your opponents…try to use your HP as sparingly as possible?

Won a heroic match (round 9) with rogue against the bugged Turalyon. Chad was right clicking and emoting/taunting me for the whole game. So satisfying when he lost.

Got up to 8 and ran into this. Blizzard should at least give us some passes for duels after this clear oversight on their part.

They probably will say something like “Should i give you free passes you if you abused this bug together with the rest”?

This has ruined like 5 of my Duels runs now, Those of us who dont abuse bugs should be getting multiple free runs once this is fixed.

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That guy name Vudidu#2855 do it too versus me and yes Ruin Duel and Waste my money for this!

Ran into another player using this broken hero power and taunting the entire time (Ryuu#1769). Well done Blizzard for taking your sweet time to fix this.

Same thing here, I payed my Duals and was loosing 2 times against a sword of the thousand truths abusive turalyon … disgusting, Been 3 days now just fix it