Dragonbane shot nerf (unjust)

Thanks blizzard for destroying this deck entirely, this was just way overkill. I dont disagree that quest hunter was very strong in some matchups, but that goes for any “meta” decks.

But this nerf was just not necessary and killed the deck completely. Most matchups are very board heavy in this expansion and dragonbane shot was kinda the only way for a quest hunter to deal with multiple minions due to the honorable kill effect, and now its close to impossible to clear any bigger boards with a 3 mana cost spell.

Beasts? perhaps? … maybe perfect efficiency is bad.


Yes every quest hunter went to beast hunter now all of a sudden oh i wonder why that is.
Just stupid. Also making a beast hunter deck is probably the most expensive deck to make of any decks out there so good luck to us with zero dusts.

Well deserved, cancer deck.


Sure, you are aware of that beast hunter is actually more cancer than quest right?


And no it’s not.

It is, especially now with the recent buffs to it.

You could put minions in your deck.


Well an extra mana on this card is really like spending 3-5 extra mana, I certainly wouldn’t spend 9 mana to deal 2 damage to three creatures conditionally that I get the honorable kill, I’d just pay 2 mana or 0 mana and use explosive trap. It’s just unjust to nerf legendary effects through rare enablers in that this was just an average card without the synergies involved. With that said I’m not sure if I like seeing value orientated spells for hunter, it makes it too much like other classes.

Now in regards to Drek, I believe it’s like dangling a piece of candy in front of our faces, maybe we craft pieces around this card then the trap is that you don’t even get any dust back from it, but if you chose not to play drek decks then you were just enabling others to walk over you for some time (quite a lot of the higher winrate decks used this card), again I think this is part of their model, rather than being a mistake.

Yeah i agree on this aswell, but i dont think it was necessary to just “kill” dragonbane shot as they just did. I would much rather see some nerf to the questline itself if they have to nerf something. I personally never liked drek’thar and im glad to see it being nerfed, its just been too many games decided on turn 4 wich is bad and frustrating for the player getting drek’thard.

I think it was pretty unjust too. They should have just deleted the accounts of anyone who ever played quest hunter. That would have been justice for people who enjoy playing the game.


Quest Hunter didn’t deserve any nerf of any kind, except Drek’thar. There are no cancer decks, lose your hatred.


Thank you Scrotie <3

There’s a good hybrid deck that has been designed that might actually be better than the pure quest with spells floating around now. I need to play more games with it but it holds the board well with minions and uses the quest as its reach for finishing decks. The buffs they gave seem to have enabled this blending.


Sounds interesting feel free to share it :slight_smile:

No, this nerf with dragonbane hasn’t “destroyed this deck entirely”. Quest hunter is still very viable and quite good even without the heavy use of dragonbane.

I use quest hunter often, and while this makes board clear less efficient, this deck still has a lot of perks that generate great board reduction and face value.

Just have to get use to this 3 cost now unfortunately :pensive:

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This nerf was justifiable.


If they nerfed the quest, they’d be refunding 1600 dust. Nerfing DB Shot only refunds 100 dust. There’s your answer. They were able to kill the deck without the hit to the revenue.

Can you share your list (and results if possible). I tried to make a more spell heavy list last night and just could not get it to work.


I’d rather face a deck that wins by playing minions and having to hit me in the face with those minions for at least a good chunk of its win power, than something that just pewpews from hand all game long until I die.


I disagree, increasing db shot with 1 mana really hurt this deck. Quest hunters relies on being able to clear boards with high efficiency since we basically have no minions up until tavish, sure we have some naga taunts but were not a board centric deck. Sure you can still play and adapt to the new mana cost in some capacity. If you find the deck still works for you thats great. I just think this was very unjust.