Dont know where to post this but would like input

So i thought about how i was false banned recently and thought up a way to help figure out whos reporting for actual reasons or whos being toxic. Why not add a comment section attached to each report function for someone to explain why they are making the and yes i get it would add extra time to read them for who ever is going through the reports but it can also help clear up misunderstandings on the devs side of things. I know on more then one occasion i have made reports thinking im against a hacker only to find out some time later that it happened to be a mechanic in game that i was un aware of. Yes i know some of the trolls out there are thinking some remark they could make so ill just say recently since i have found out i have been wrong now i will instead of just reporting the person i will attempt to make a similar deck and attempt to execute they action in question to see if i can feesibly have the same outcome or if it is so far out there it has to be a hack or bug/glitch exploit. Just an idea also if there is a report that seems to be the work of a toxic player the devs can investigate easier sonce they would have more information about the time and info about the actual reason for the report. (P.S. to those that gave me a hard time about my punctuation i attempted to make things easier for you lol not the best at it but i tried for you sake)

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They aren’t reviewing every single report that comes through. It’s likely a largely automated process with a few spot-checks. There is no way they’re going to pay someone to read through comments. That’s just not how large businesses operate

Just a quick note:

It would be much easier to read if there were a few spaces between the lines (when the text is long).

Haha i dont mean to miss my spacing this phone has a much smaller space key then i used to have on my old phone. Thats also why you occasionally see words seemingly jammed together with a b or n between them

And skizzy:
Not true its like that when the buisness is more focused on their pocket and not so much on customer service blizzard used to be more about customer service but about 10 years ago it started shifting to being all about the money i even noticed when that change started lol (right after WotLK as Cata was coming out)

There are always only innocent people in prison :smile:

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Have you ever re-read what you typed? Can you easily read your wall of text?

Your post seems to be a mash of a bunch of separate incidents.

In game reports do nothing. You aren’t banned and they aren’t actioned. They are a feel good mechanism to decrease the number of real tickets they have to handle.

If you post something you think is an exploit in the forums you will probably be suspended, especially if true and you explain the reproduction steps.

The forums are only moderated once a day, the rest of the time they do nothing and brigading reports will auto-hide your comments. Forum users abuse the auto-mod features to censor people and comments they dislike.

Yesterday I read the message and today I see that it has been reported, I don’t understand why.

There may have been some words I misunderstood because my native language is not English, but I don’t believe the subject matter warranted censorship.

Here, in a nutshell, is what I understood and what I think I memorized: the OP asked that there be the reason for a postponement (and that it be read by humans and not by a AI) in game because some beginners may have the impression that a player is cheating, even though this is a normal mechanic of the game.

The fact that it’s not possible (that lots of reports are read) is one thing, but why did people on the forum report the post ?

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The post just reappeared, so I assume someone (with multiple accounts) had reported it, then the post was automatically censored by the AI ​​after, I believe, at least 2 reports, then a (human) moderator checked the content of the message and then re-enabled the message…

Perhaps it was also the way to show that a human must always make a final decision.

Most large international companies have outsourced customer service to places with lower wages to save money. This is just how businesses operate now. The focus is on quantity and efficiency. Individual customers do not matter much at all

It is not new that the human world operates on 3 criteria including money (the other two being power and sex as everyone knows).