Does anyone play mage in standard mode?

Does anyone play mage in standard mode?? Did you like the legendary cards that the class received? I thought it was all rubbish! The other classes received very good cards and mage was a huge disappointment!!

sif mage is still good though, but not op like DK and not even close to druid. You can beat pure paladin with it though.

If you analyze the website: hearthstone-decks, you will see that the legendary player who plays mage was using a secret deck plus those cards to acquire a treasure from the new collection, this occurred on the 17th and he reached position #255 in the ranking of the legend. However, on the 18th he returned to using the standard deck focused on Sif called: Spell School Mage, reaching position #98 in the legend rank.

In conclusion, the mage cards in this new collection are all rubbish!! I would like to know who is responsible for creating such rubbish?!

You people are funny. Excavate rainbow mage is easy mode. You don’t even think too much.

Mage had one of the weakest cards in the set making some not worth the squeeze for the juice. No one wants to play Sif just because it is boring. Right now a lot of players are trying the new decks and mage is left in the dust until they make the deck worth playing.

It was a bit of a stinky set, especially the legendaries but the new XL variant is quite cool.

It’s not like there are no new decks.

I am playing mage for weeks, casino specifically. All this aggro festival does not stick with me. I m usually on the losing side but i really dont care . When my deck works it is amazing . I like the creativity of the deck and i can’t really play all those mindless aggro decks … I tried …but it felt so lame so i gave up on it

I built all the casino decks I found on YouTube and websites, they are all rubbish! Deck that depends on a lot of luck to win, what’s the point?? When you reach a slightly higher rank you will see that with this type of deck, you will play 5 games and only win once!! Nice deck!

I’m still outraged by the two TRASH legendary cards that the mage got in this new collection!!