Disenchanting Diamonds

So, as a player who has been playing for several years. I dislike the fact I have to gamble to get better cards by spending money with odds that are not in the player’s favor. (I would rather have in game objectives/tournaments based around some kind of in game event(Pvp/pve)/experience to gain cards at a reasonable rate.)
I have accepted this and moved on because like many others, I understand blizzard has to make money to operate our lovely power crept game. Now I’m not one to make posts or complain and moan unless provoked severely. But dear creator of the universe. Please do not take away my ability to disenchant DIAMOND CARDS. I immediately tilted and table flipped when I realized I couldn’t disenchant them for at least another legendary to replace. (You should have to pay for my new setup, a discussion for another time) WOW I’m so excited, I have a pretty card on a screen I can do pretty much nothing with as far as resale value other than in game currency. Please for the love of all things RNG related please give me, an average joe at least a .69% chance I can make it to legend one day with one of my stupid decks.

Moral of the story let me disenchant diamonds or legendaries or whatever you call them. So I CAN SPEND MORE MONEY AND MAKE MOR DECKS SO I CAN PLAY YOUR GAME MORE AND IGNORE MY IRL PROBLEMS.