Disappeared Cards

Did some of legacy cards got removed? I had them for years only for this expansion to come out and lose it. I lost couple of legendaries and including some cards from legacy?

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Same. After expansion went live, I have 7 decks with missing cards. Many of them legends. They are just no longer in my collection.

Same for me. One of my missing cards is Darkbishop Benedictus. I am afraid that there will be more legendaries missing :confused:
How is this possible?

Same here, how we can report this?

Those are core cards. The core cards were changed today. Those cards are no longer available in Standard.

Here are all the cards which left Standard today:


Someone in multiplayer discussion told me that. I was shocked and speechless.

I obtained the Plague deck for returning players like 2 days ago, which included Lord Marrowgar, but now I’m missing that card… aren’t those decks supposed to add all the card to your collection…?

Lord Marrowgar was a core card until today.

Core cards are cards which are given to every single player as part of a core set so you don’t have to open card packs and can start right away.

The Lord Marrowgar in your Plague deck was not “given” to you but was just put into your deck from your collection from the core set. You never actually owned the card, it was a core card.

Oh, that’s really disappointing then… and very confusing to keep track on your collection of which cards you really own or are just core set cards… makes difficult to track what you can safely dust or save it for later if it’s rotated out :confused:

I lost my golden Darkbishop. I don’t think I ever had a “free” golden darkbishop, so where did it go?

Its was free and it rotated out of core

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Yes you did if you had 500 wins with the priest class. Then the golden Bishop would have been in your collection.