Developer Insights: Ratings and Matchmaking in Hearthstone Mercenaries PvP

Developer Insights: Ratings and Matchmaking in Hearthstone Mercenaries PvP

Wondering how matchmaking works in Mercenaries? Look no further!

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Dear Blizzard team! Thank You for this information! It was really interesting to know about raitings system in game! I will wait a new information about Mercenaries, battlegrounds, card mini-set “United in Stormwind”, new expansion and Halloween events in HearthStone! Wish You a good luck and many interesting ideas!

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Nope. Stopped caring right after the tutorial and 1st bounty. Realized it was a poorly designed cash-grab and got the heck out.

I don’t care if you call it PVP, it’s not PVP. The anti-social nature of this game makes it more like PVAP (Player Versus Alleged Player). Sometimes I wonder how many fake Blizzard accounts I have faced, as normal players have fled by the millions since the inception of this game and all the bad changes/additions within it. You can’t socialize, so I’m not convinced it is all real players I face at times.

Plus, Mercenaries looks like a low-budget game that came out next to Tetris on mobile back in 1994.

After 7 years of Hearthstone, if the best you can come up with is a mode that looks like it came out 27 years ago, then you are failing to do your jobs right.

Does anyone there think this will really help the current state of the game, especially with the current state of your business model being as poor as it is? Maybe if you spent more time taking care of your employees, they may do better work for you when developing content. Maybe if you treat your customers like they matter (listen, reply, interact), and stop treating us like living wallets, we wouldn’t abandon your games or company in droves.

Battlegrounds and Ranked play need a lot of help. It should have been plainly obvious, based on the enormous amount of people posting about the issues, that these things should have been given priority over bringing out another disaster mode. Unfortunately, and quite obviously, nobody bothers to pay attention to, or care about, what the customers are saying on any given platform.

These random content threads are living proof. Y’all drop them here and run. You don’t bother to interact with anyone. You don’t stick around to handle questions or concerns. You add your post and ignore everything that follows.

You edited the post while I was writing this. Yet, it does not change a thing.

More like “Wondering how Blizz stays in business.”

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I think this sums up everything I wanted to say.

Been almost 48hrs since the “release” and lots of players including myself can’t even access the game mode… NEW mode on main menu and clicking it does nothing and takes me nowhere.

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Blizzard response to my email/complaint…

"Hello there Elaterate,

I’m Specialist Game Master Scagarrde. Thank you for reaching out to us, and your patience with our current wait times.

At this time there are not current bugs going on with being able to access Mercenaries."

What a joke!

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It’s a fair attempt at trying something new that has been successful with other games but they missed the mark. Invested too much into this new concept instead focusing on their main game.
Why not just buy another game platform and intergrate it into your game. It would cost much less and would be less risky.
There is something really wrong at Blizzard and they cant put their finger on it.
Chinese market has propted up profits so the decline in America is not noticable.
Good news is that the 3rd Covid varient is coming Spring 2022… so more business!