Developer Insights: Hearthstone Battlegrounds Rating System Update

So my skill is hidden from me and I get a fake number reset each month? This makes 0 sense. How do I know if I am getting better? or worse? Seems terrible, I don’t see any posts anywhere saying this is good for anyone or that anyone wants anything like this at all?? Terrible.


I really appreciate the work you guys have done in HSBG. I stopped playing Hearthstone due to the time requirement to grind every month and the amount of money I had to spend on packs. But HSBG got me playing again. It is my sole content I do on HS aside from Tavern Brawls. I really enjoyed that I could just play a match, log off for awhile, come back and still have the same rating and that is not reset.

Ever since HSBG started, I was around a 3k player. Over the months I have now gotten up to 6500 and I am still improving. I got to see my skill compared to others change over the course of months and it felt good.

If this rating system is in place, I may never touch Hearthstone again. I can’t keep grinding every time when all I get is about 5 games a week. I can afford the pass np. I love the gameplay, but I love the competition and seeing improvement.

As someone getting an MBA, working fulltime, making a startup and finishing an internship, I understand your short term financial query to make this change. Give people progression in shorter timeframe. But over long period, it will not be good. You will end up with the same burnout that others get from doing the ladder every month in standard/wild. I got burnt out doing that when I kept restarting back at 5-10 just trying to push to legend.

Sorry for the rant, I hope this comes off clearly. I love this game, but this will make me start resenting it if I get reset every time I reach my true mmr… which tbf how will I ever know what my true mmr is now?

Thanks for everything you guys do!


Pourquoi ne faire comme les cotes au échec .? faire des saisons , d’accord mais pas a chaque mois , le delais est trop court , on se fatigue a toujours recommencer. Autre petit point vous devriez permettre un combat contre chaque joueurs lors d’une partie, ce battre contre le meme adversaire 3 fois en 5 combat c’est inequitable et desagreable

Not good. As a regular legend player in Standard I got bored of the grind and quit the game alltogether. Some youtube videos of battlegrounds got me back in.

After over 300+ hours of battlegrounds I got up to 11k+. It was nice to slowly advance your rank while I got better. Now you’ll turn this mode to a grind as well. Even the old system seemed rigged to to bloat your rank as you played more. At least I never felt stuck of that long and even without no floors I think my max drawback was around 1000 points. Sure the floors cut that in half, but they’ll also cause the problems of forfeiting games.

Starting everyone from 0 feels terrible. In the start the placement hardly even matters. Played a few games and any finish to top 4 gave 299 or 300 points. Even if I would get 300 points each game it would take 37 games to reach my previous rank and good luck winning all of them, when you match me based on some hidden rank.

This change combined with the party queuing kills any incentive to try to compete and improve ones rank.


I agree, this a very blizzard approach and it’s incredibly annoying. They did it with Sc2 for years and people complained, till finally, they showed the internal MMR and bam; playerbase satisfied in that regard. They’re currently doing it in OW and now hearthstone? why hide the actual mmr. Its infuriating, whats the point of the external rating it means nothing.


It’s a horrible change.
Since start of hearthstone I have always whanted mmr system which will indicate my true game skill and will not reset each month.
Now I have no itnerest in matched play. And it is mainly becouse of meaningful grind. I have no time to play hundreds of games each month. I have another interests and activities beside hs.
Now i play only battlegrounds and I proud of my 7k mmr.
If this system will be implemented I will lose any motivation for play. Please don’t do this.
You can add some sort of legue system, visusul changes, soft reset etc. But this is a disaster.


I’m coming on to comment here a 2nd time after giving it a try…

What in the world?! Did someone get paid to create this??

I get the same value no matter what my finish is in top 4. This feels SO BAD.


Hi are there tables somewhere where we can see our position?

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Yep it’s so stupid. What’s the point of trying to go for first when I can just concede once I’m top 4. The monthly reset is absolutely meaningless when there isn’t any reward or am I missing something?

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While i don’t think this is the final version of the ranking system, it demands feedback:

  • I don’t see the point of separating rank from MMR if the former is purely cosmetic/safety net, and the latter is obscure. I think it’s better to visibly track our MMR, like in more profesional competitive games.
  • Rank (or SR floors) are currently only useful for those prone to losing rank i.e. casuals, which is fine. However, there is no real incentive to climb.
  • Battlegrounds is still in dire need of progression rewards, more in-depth tracking and information resources available in-game.

Things i think BGs needs:

  • Visible MMR for the player.
  • Visible whether the opponents are grouped.
  • Separate queue for groups in high MMR.
  • End of season rewards based on SR or MMR.
  • In-game access to a catalogue of all available minions and heros, as well as the heros currently NOT in rotation, for more info. (Bob’s menu?)
  • A deeper Player Profile with more complex, useful and meaningful information. Make the Profile free, and a deeper more in-depth side part of the Perks.

The Battlegrounds ‘collection’ should work as Constructed’s:

  • A tab for each Tavern Tier (instead of Class).
  • A tab for Heroes in rotation.
  • A tab for Heroes out of rotation.
  • A tab for whichever cosmetics / rewards are eventually added.
  • Filters by Tribe or keywords.

Potential rewards/cosmetics could be:

  • Golden heroes after accumulating a certain amount of wins with them (Tracked in Collection as well as the Profile.
  • Animated versions of the minions.
  • Cosmetics on the lower side (friendly side) of the board, visible for the opponents as well.
  • Special additional effects.

When are we going to actually start getting rewards for playing battlegrounds? Otherwise it’s just a complete waste of time.

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Seriously guys, from which perspective is this a good change? Old MMR had sense of progression. If it rises it means that I’m getting better and progress, if it doesn’t it means I do not progress. It was that simple. And now you hide this value from a player, and instead add some crap that for what it’s worth might as well be a random number. Update with elemental is cool, but this mmr crap is just plainly bad.


ah yes another “hidden” rating the same thing like standard… as bronze 10 you could be facing gold/diamond and you will never notice.

a downgrade basically wonderful I guess.

If I didnt pay for the pass before, forget that I will now to me BG’s are dead.

I very strongly disagree with the choice to obscure the “actual” rating from the player.

The new rating system prioritizes rewarding players for participation rather than for improvements in their play. This can hardly be called a “rating” at all is fundamentally different from rating systems in every other form of competitive play.

This is supposedly a competitive game. Winning and losing (and the factors that contribute to the outcome) are no longer relevant if the players’ “rating” simply rises by playing more often.

Consider how absolutely ridiculous this system would be in the context of any other competitive game. What if chess players’ ratings simply rose as they played more games, regardless of how well often they won? What if I could reduce my golf handicap just by playing more often, regardless of how many shots I took?

The entire purpose of having a rating is now undermined, destroying the ability to track one’s improvement and, by extension, the incentive to compete at a higher level. The spirits of competition and self-improvement are totally deflated.

I would even go so far as to say that pandering to the desire for a sense of progression that is independent of actual skill can be seen as a form of deceit which is meant to entice and opiate participants with a false sense of reality.

Regardless of whether this move actually increases engagement, it seems dishonest and manipulative to report augmented figures to participants based on the perception of what they want to see at the cost of reporting accurate data.

I have enjoyed the Battlegrounds format immensely but I’m very concerned for its future. I hope these comments (and others left here by community members) will reach the ears of developers who can influence this decision.

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I don’t like the changes either since it adds grinding and the only way to tell if you are near your hidden rating is by seeing the “chase” modifier disappear. However your analysis of the way to rank up seems incorrect to me.

From what I see your method may be the EASIEST way to get to 6000 since you can play against lower tier players because:
“Your external rating does not drop below each “floor” once it’s above it.”
This means easy games at +/-100 rating each

If you want to get to 10k though you need to take advantage of the win multiplier (chasing mechanic) since if your internal rating is higher than your external then another mechanic kicks in:
“Specifically, when your pre-calculated rating gain is positive, it would be multiplied a factor called a “rate gain modifier”. This modifier is proportional to the discrepancy of your internal rating and external rating, when your internal rating is larger than your external rating. You can think of this as a “chasing” process, as the external rating is “chasing” the internal rating. If your external rating exceeds your internal rating, the chase stops.”
This gives balanced games at +300/-100 each

And the last mechanic just helps people who are ~ 6k to get to 6.5k
“After each game, if your external rating is below 6500, we will give you a very small value of positive rating gain”
from their example it was +3 rating/game

I agree with you completely that number of games shouldn’t be a means to get rating, but at least there is the consolation is that the unearned boosts wear off completely at 6500.
I think that the rewards for grinding should be separate to rating. Maybe something like you get a card for constructed if you play it in BG 100 times.

Its good that they also added the last boost (what they called the “chase”), however the fact that it is needed in the first place is a problem

You should be happy that this patch is a step towards what you want. The system that they have implemented basically gives you free rating up to 6.5k as a reward for playing and they will probably attach a real reward to this later.

For the rest of us though this is a step in the wrong direction.

You have no idea what you are doing… at all… please get some analytical prowess on your team and stop destroying Hearthstone

Games get dumbed down to the casual crowd, it seems to be the most financial rewarding model. This has been going on for 20 years, nothing new here. In the 20th century most computer users were highly educated ‘nerds’ and other professionals. So games were mostly made by very smart people for other smart people. Since everybody owns a dozen computers in some form or another (year 2000 and upwards) , including everybody with below average intelligence , they make dumber games for the masses. The nerds have to make their own challenges , or find a small indie designer that still makes some competitive stuff.

Elementals are ruining the balance of Battlegrounds…share what u think at: