Dev Insights: Treasure Pools & Smart Loot Buckets in Duels

Dev Insights: Treasure Pools & Smart Loot Buckets in Duels

We dive into the details of the Group Learning loot bucket in Duels, and how Treasures are distributed throughout a run.

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Very informative and interesting article about the Duel loot system.

But I missed the ‘bias’ system for the Treasures and Loot. How you calculate the content of the deck to offer biased treasures and loot?

Ex: deathrattle cards in your deck = deathrattle loot and treasures

It would be nice if the buckets also took passives and Hero Power selection into account.

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Okay so like what I don’t understand is why it says passive pool 2 is active after game 2… like… we don’t get a second passive until game 5 so why bother putting that there? just say “Pool 2 - Game 5” or something instead of game 2

Definitely a typo and should say:

  • Pool 1: After game 1.
  • Pool 2: After game 5.

The timing of treasures is clearly after games 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13

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Feels like this is also the basis for how card draws are affected in standard etc to make games more “intense” or more “close” as per the dynamic difficulty adjustment in pvp.

Interesting how they classify deck strength and synergy.

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Should be completely random card draws with no weight right? :innocent:

Hit the nail on the head… “should be” :joy:

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How are the choices for the first Passive treasure determined? I can’t see rhyme or reason to it. I had a deck with only one discover card in it and only one weapon, but a lot of battle cry minions. However when the first passive treasure choice was given, one of them was weapon support while another was discover support, the final being 2 secrets at start of game. I can’t ever seem to get a passive that truly synergizes with my deck. Yet I will see others get great synergy. I don’t go online and research “which deck best for duels” because I feel that takes the fun out of it, but I can’t help but feel that I am going to have to in order to be even slightly competitive. It would really help if we knew what determines the passive treasures offered.