Dear Blizzard Entertainment: Details about your ban

Hello Blizzard Entertainment.

We regret to inform you that you’ve violated our terms of service, specifically the human decency clause.

As someone who was speaking out about horrific human rights violation was banned from the game for 12 months (for some context, high-profile streamers in WoW who publicly exploited an XP boost glitch half a year ago caught a 1-3 month ban for literally violating the game’s TOS, things that some people might have gotten perma-banned for), and the prize money he legitimately earned was revoked for things not related to gameplay, you have proven yourselves to be worthless, heartless, soulless hypocritical scum of the earth, and until such a time as restitution is made to the victims of your actions, you will receive no more money or time from me.

Ways to contest your ban:

  • Revert the ban of Chung Ng Wai and return his rightfully earned prize money

  • Apologize to Chung Ng Wai for overreacting

  • Have a Thrall-damned backbone in your business dealings with regards to human rights violations. If your principles can be set aside when it isn’t convenient, they aren’t principles, they’re hobbies. You can pay lip service to freedom and have monuments to Thrall saying “all voices matter”, but actions speak louder than words and statues. You are implicitly no better than the human rights violating garbage that Blitzchung spoke out about.

Until such a time as Blitzchung’s suspension is overturned, his earnings returned to him, and an apology issued for punishing a player for voicing an opinion on a regime that is committing atrocious human rights violations, or such a time as 24 months have passed, your software will not be installed on or allowed any access to any devices owned by me, you will have no ongoing subscriptions or purchases from me, and no future titles nor expansions to titles that can in any way be tied back to Blizzard will be purchased by me. I will also use every opportunity and platform at my disposal to speak out against you, use my capacity as “that computer guy that I know” to lead people to alternatives to all of your titles as much as I allow, and be completely transparent as to why I advise them to not do business with you as I do so.

I may check back here to see if you have complied or replied, but I don’t expect you to, and I will reconsider your ban and probably extend it in October of 2021.

Have a nice day!


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