Dalaran Heist.Shows completed with heroes I did not

Each chapter shows that I completed it… With some of the heroes… I never completed with…

beats my unlocking full run wins (the crown emblems) 4 of the heroes on chapter 4 heroic recently in the dalaran heist, and now only having mage with a crown beside it for each chapter rather than the heroes I beat each chapter with. mage is specifically one of the remaining heroes I did NOT beat chapter 4 with actually. And I intended to get around to doing it after the recent summons card buff. it seems there are multiple threads with people also missing credit for heroes they beat chapters with.

On the upside, I turned 3 reckless into two of something I intend to eventually use at some point (necromechanic). I only used reckless when I played quest priest iirc. And obviously haven’t used it for months and don’t expect to unless a new set shows a promising combo that is reliably pulled off. And not a broke one like that mechanthune one.

Known issue listed in the sticky at the top of this forum:

Also mentioned here, which stresses the fact that progress is not lost:

Makes sense, I think I used the mage for chapters one and two, and then focused on the newer heroes once we got them. I had noticed that when I saw it suddenly saying I only beat it all with the mage and wondered if that was what was going on since I beat both normal and heroic first with the mage on chapter 1/2 iirc. Cause some of the treasures & perks were making it very easy on them. lol

Good to know it’s just a visual bug though, I remember on the old adventures and forum seeing people experiencing an actual loss of progress on some of the original adventure wings, I think it was specifically nax and blackrock. So I was worried, chapter 4 heroic was a real pita with some heroes (typically either the last boss or rat king) and I unlocked a few more crowns on it over the weekend with them.