Current state of the game :(

Just another QQ post about the depths this game have fallen into…
I played more than 3 hours today.
Most of the decks I’ve seen were (still) Priest decks. At some point I got to play against a Priest deck 3 games in a row. I obviously auto-conceded. Because … well why waist the the time? and then I started developing a new counter deck: a Kargath control deck. the begining was rough. but then I learned how to play it better and then I even won against a golem/quest druid and a PRIEST(!) . True, it was a 30-40 min game, but it was worth it. he played thief priest and I took him fatigue :slight_smile: and then another one. A quest priest this time (+3/3 quest). Again took him to fatigue. again was worth the time.
And then, I met the second most hated priest deck of all: the Raza/DK Anduin deck.
Why on earth would the morons change Raza back to “0 cost hero power” ? it was terrible and that is why it was changed to 1 cost. now I got to stare at the stupid screen watching the stupid player just play 1 mana cards to deal 2 free face dmg…

WTF is going on in the dev team?
Do they intentionally try to destroy the game?

I mena I know this is wild, but I play wild coz I try to get away from all the new stupid things I see on the normal mode. Why undo good and needed changes?

And for the very slim chance that any dev is readying this:


I am watching Taika Waititi and friends Read the Giant Peach on Youtube while playing for the daily.

Currently vs a Rogue and you’re going to be blown away at the cards this Rogue is playing in turn.

Turn 1 Pharaoh Cat. I KNOW! Shocking. That never happens.
Turn 2 Hero Power and Backstab. I KNOW! Playing Backstabd right away never happens either.
Turn 3 Play the Rush Reborn gained from Pharaoh Cat.
Turn 4 Another Pharaoh Cat and Evil Miscreant. WOW! Evil Miscreant on turn 4?! If they have the coin it would have been on turn 3.
Turn 5 Play Seal of Fate. Okay Wow this is just amazing. I never see these 5 cards played in the first 5 turns vs Rogue sarcasm And drop 2 lackeys of the many many many already gained for free.

Turn 6 Rogue still has 8 cards in his hand from all the Freebies. Guess what time it is boys and girls its turn6.

Correct! Heistbaron Togwaggle. And who said this game isnt scripted no brainer 1 2 3 RNG just drop the cards handed to me.

But this is why I am watching some fantastic entertainers on Youtube while the Autosequence game does its today and every all day same thing. The game was over Ron turn 1 so no need to pay attention.

Rogue is taking his time now. Must not be able to decide which of the thousand things do I want to do? Discover several spells with my lackeys. Mutate something. Toss on a taunt. He has 2 of each at least as they gain at least 2 lackeys a turn.

Ah, there is the winning move on turn 8 after Heistbaron 2 turns ago. Drop Shield of Galakrond. I KNOW! That card is never played in midgame. And gain two 12/12 Deathtwings to smirk with with the automatic taunt in hand.

Game of skill game of skill.


I have 2 words for you my bro:
Skulking Geist

That is gg for the rogue. they will auto concede after this :slight_smile:

I saw it many times :slight_smile:


I love this you read his QQ and then give an answer. Thumbs up INAN :slight_smile:

I really don’t find it useful when someone starts listing cards that counter one deck.

Yes we get it. The issue is you are not going to start inserting X cards for one deck exposing yourself to 10 other decks.

The current game design doesn’t allow for this kind of teching very well.

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Agree with that. With the deck only at 30 cards and you have to build in your arche-type/win-con, there is not a whole lot of wiggle-room to pick good tech cards. That combined with what seems to be a LACK of good tech cards these days, it’s really hard to justify “put in x card and take out y, just in case I play a mage” or whatever.

I also want to point out that if Blizz would actually PLAYTEST these sets ahead of time we might be able to see some actually GOOD and USEFUL tech cards developed as part of the creation process, but I truly believe I’m just shouting at the walls about that…

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As a player of MTG tech cards in that game can be used in multiple scenarios which is not the case in HS. when I say multiple im talking about more than a handful of decks.

As poster above me mentioned, not enough card slots in a 30 card deck to justify tech inclusions.