Court is in session with Masters Tour: Maw & Disorder!

Court is in session with Masters Tour: Maw & Disorder!

The sixth Masters Tour settles the murder at Castle Nathria in court, only on YouTube!

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I won’t give the clicks, views and/or ad revenue that you guys benefit from when we watch these events on YT.

Not as long as you fail to acknowledge player issues and do something about this broken meta.


Нет смысла смотреть эти трансляции! Уже пол года смотрю, а за просмотр не одного пака, так и не дали! Это обман для накрутки просмотров! Определённое количество игроков получают паки, а остальным не дают! И главное пишут, что это проблема не близов, а ютуба! Но почему то на твиче всё дают нормально, а вот на ютуб, это не реально!

YouTube Drops!

“You can earn up to two Murder at Castle Nathria card packs this weekend! On any of the above YouTube channels, watch two total hours to receive one pack and two more hours for your second. Time watched is cumulative throughout the weekend, so even if you can’t watch for the full four hours in one sitting your time will still count toward earning the Drops”

well at least we can get 2 packs (i miss choose your champion)

uh check the date master tour was a week ago