Complete 3 United in Stormwind Questlines

Why do I have this quest? Is there currently a way to complete this?

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No only the prelaunch of the system. UiS Cards will except Dungar Longdrink only be awailable with 3rd of August but the system already thinks they are.
If this is a weekly quest you better reroll it as you will be unable to complete it before reset.


Last time we had a similar quest was “play an old god X times” and they removed it because not everyone had access to them.

So, are they going to do the same mistake or are we really getting a free quest as well?


I think you can discover UiS cards in the duels gamemode but questlines are excluded. Best bet is to reroll

I rerolled into this. :frowning:
Breaks my 114 weekly quests completed streak. :cry:

I got play 15 tradable cards. Small indie company indeed.

doesnt look like something hard to do

Confirmed in the 21.0 patch notes:


The following cards have been banned from between-game card buckets and will not be Discoverable:

Final Showdown             
Lost in the Park
Defend the Dwarven District      
Sorcerer's Gambit           
Rise to the Occasion       
Seek Guidance 
Find the Imposter           
Command the Elements
The Demon Seed            
Raid the Docks

edit: Actually, there is a way:

  • set up a fireside gathering, unlisted event
  • make a 2nd account, make sure you have 2 mobile devices (smartphone or laptop)
  • play yourself with one of the fireside brawl recipe decks, at least hunter, druid and rogue have the quest, and it counts!!

Bumping to spread word, it’s still Sunday so this is your last opportunity to get this UIS weekly quest 0/3 done!

Yeah I just got this as a weekly quest. Would be nice if they did a “legendary” weekly quest when a new expansion is released that can cover the keywords or a main theme like questlines. In that 4h slot they made for such an occasion that never gets used.

Oh wait do you get new week quests on reset? My new ones came in monday so and the expac launches in 30 minutes, I wish I knew about this but whatever, does the same apply to dailies?

You don’t get new ones during launch, when Konstantin posted it was before the previous weekly reset.

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I can not get this quest to pop. I even tried the fireside gathering idea. I can’t figure it out. Where do I go to start it?

Pick a class. Build a deck with one of the new quests. Play and complete the quest in 3 different games. You don’t have to play the quest reward, just complete the quest.

How do you even get the new quests that you use in your decks?

By opening Packs. If you don’t have any of these new quest chains, you can’t complete this daily and you should reroll it.