Compensation for 15.6 + Tavern Brawl Issues

Hey Folks,

We owe you all an update on compensation, so here it is! Recently, we encountered some tough issues during the 15.6 patch, along with the Brawliseum Tavern Brawl having to be disabled due to some major gameplay issues. To say “ Thank You! ” for bearing with us, we are granting the following rewards to those affected tomorrow, Nov. 26:

  • 15.6 Patch Issues: 3 Saviors of Uldum Card Packs
    • Note: This will be granted to players who downloaded 15.6 between Nov. 5 - 11
  • Brawliseum - Battle of the Bans Issues: 300 Gold
    • Note: This will be granted to any player that had an active Brawliseum run when the issues occurred

Thanks again for sticking with us!

The Hearthstone Team


Thank you for compensating us and must had been a tough couple of weeks dealing with all these bugs.


Hey devs. Just wanted to pop in for a quick thank you for admitting your issues and properly compensating for such issues you have caused. Apology accepted, and thank you very much for doing this! Hope we as the community can work with the devs more in the future! If this sort of stuff continues you’re destined for a better community and honest game experience on a basis of developer-to-community.


You’re most welcome! Appreciate you bearing with all the issues!


Love the honesty in your post, thanks for sharing! Agreed, that’s what we are aiming for!


Thank you for posting this in the Multiplayer forums. A lot of updates and info wind up needing to be linked over here and it’s awesome to see a direct Blue post in what a lot of us have always considered the “main” forum for the game.

Looking forward to hearing more often from you, Chris!


Awesome! Ty Blizz! 20


More then anything, thanks for posting this update on the offical forum rather then just reddit like usual.


Thank you for letting us know about this.

And I’d like to second Wardrum on thanking you for posting this here as well. It’s nice to actually find about something here first, rather than having to hunt around other sources for information.


I actually almost forgot about the tavern brawl issue, but it is tough to completely forget a decklist that was 4/3 (above the deck limit). lol

I still appreciate that you went out and announced this for us when we mostly QQ in this forum.


Muchas Gracias!
Son increíbles las recompensas por lo sucedido. Excelente manera de enmendar los errores.

If I entered the brawl but have not create a deck yet, is that counted as active brawlisieum?

While I do appreciate 3 free packs, i honestly don’t understand the players who feels entitled To compensation in a F2P game for technical issues…

Holy impatience batman.

This is an encouraging step towards acknowledging some rough issues and many bugs during the Battlegrounds release patch, I am glad to see this.

It’s the thought and action of compensation that really counts (more than the specifics of the compensation), so thank you very much.

thx for that))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Saweeet! 3 packs and 300 gold for me nice. Seems like a perfect compensation. I was just expecting a card pack lol.

Must. Resist. Temptation. To make. Snarky. Post.

I think it’s better to make a new account than play with the old one