Community is so rude

I don’t know whats wrong with the players nowadays. I just played a game against another player. he used 2 cards to draw more cards every turn. Next turn I used naturalize to kill one of his minions. then on his next turn he ended up burning 2 cards with one being an important one. he forfeits, adds me as a friends, I accepted and then he proceeds tot insult me and block me. I mean is that something I should expect every time i “win”.

LOL sounds like a druid got pissed he ate some of his own medicine…if he was running dew process x2 in a deck while facing off against another druid…or even another class with copy cards like priest or rogue then he should have expected that kind of burn and been abit more careful. Or even better, just accepted these things happen and that other players have access to his tricks.

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Will always be thus. Out of all of my encounters with toxic losers, only one wasn’t.

Great news, you can report that for inappropriate chat in the game.


I used to just not accept any friend requests because they all seemed to be salty losers who said terrible things to me because I beat them at a silly game. That said, most of my friend requests have been really nice since they added the Report feature, but I have used it at least once.

Sirdope. Part of the fun is to drink the salty tears of those terrible losers. What I do is accept their request but do it like 3 hours later. Then they can’t attack you immediately and sometimes they are stuck being your friend forever because they forgot why they were so mad

That’s genius. I am def putting that to practice.

The wait a few hours thing doesn’t always work as some of them stay committed to insulting you. I logged off not long after a match only to log back in almost a full day later and accepted a friend request that had been given. Guy waited a day to insult me lol…and he was the saltiest of all of the friend requests I have gotten in this game. :slight_smile:

I accept adds and counter all negativity by telling them to lick my unwashed taint.

Feel free to borrow my approach. Either way you win. You get a laugh or a new, generally decent, friend. GL.

Don’t accept requests I guess