Collection Crashing on Mobile (Android)

If I boot up the game and try to access collection, the client crashes. If I play a single game of standard, I am able to access the collection for some reason, but the client will crash if I try to flip through the pages of my collection. So, I am able to load deck lists but not able to make decks card by card or adjust decks, but only after playing a game.

This is really frustrating. Hoping they fix this soon.

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Same problem here. I’m on a Pixel 6 Pro. It’s been crashing since the last update.

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Same phone, same problem since the patch. I have a partial workaround if you want to add a new deck:

First open battle grounds, then open your collection in the battleground UI. This part of your collection won’t crash you. Now exit that and you should be able to open the regular “My Collection” without a crash because it will skip that opening animation that causes it (since it thinks you already had your collection open).

There are still other crash-causing animations that can trigger while turning pages so this works best if you just need to make small adjustments to a deck or add a new one via a code. At the very least, it will let you actually add new decks.

It’d be nice if Blizzard acknowledged this one and patched it. But I’m sure for now they’re still just handing out their standard “clear cache/reinstall/update Android” advice that I’m sure we all tried before coming here.

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