Changes Incoming for Evocation & Solarian Prime

Finally. Thank you.

And a great dust refund too.

Of course its still playable. Yogg Saron was playable at 10, puzzle box as well, why not solarian since its a better card than the other two?


The great news is. They can’t cast draw spells and play Prime on the same turn anymore. So fishing for one of their strongest scam cards is appropriately hard and it’s now appropriately costed.

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If Yogg Box is playable, Solarian Prime is playable at 9.

thank you now mage can only generate 50 random cards instead of 60 each game. keep the good work!!


Blizzard: Lets give Mage tons of rng, turning it in to a clown fiesta. People love clowns and fiestas!

Mage players: But we don’t want that.

Blizzard: np we’ll nerf it and give you nothing in return.

Meanwhile in DH land: lol 10+ unstoppable damage, heal and card draw from hand every second turn while my minions clear the board, give value and do more damage from hand.

Another 3200 dust for my ever-growing pile.


It’s actually a good change. With Prime and Evo increased by 2 and 1 mana in cost mage will have to wait slightly longer to set up their ridiculous swing turns, it will be harder to discover additional Evocations and they will be more clunky in hand without Sorc, and Prime is now not as easily playable. Prime was absolutely stupid at 7 mana. Now just like Druid can’t combo GA with Gidra anymore, mage can’t try to draw for Prime and play it on the same turn anymore.

Especially when you play it on 9 mana and it casts elemental allies, ancient mysteries, elemental allies, incanters flow and spell bender.


No no no no. You forgot potion of illusion and THEN play the 1 cost.


Likely a change made in concert with testing the next set release. Both of these cards have the potential to escalate in power with a new set.


Such an easy answer Mage will drop out of the tier decks lol.


I’m hoping Solarian Prime will at least go up to 9/9. If you’re investing 9 Mana and waiting to draw into it, I think having a better body than a measly 7/7 is warranted.


I’m betting solarian prime was bumped 2 mana because of some upcoming card.


I thought about that. I just posted the Darkmoon teaser.

Like some said above its 3200 dust for the next expansion pile , might recraft Solarian if Mage gets control support in december.

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Well, Solarian at 9 is kind of a heavy nerf since you can’t draw and play It together. Evo is mostly at the same spot tho

I don’t play the deck that it’s in, but nine mana seems high unless there is an upcoming reason for it.

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do agree 8 would of been enought but might did 9 because frost ray is 1 mana you knowfor recovery if rng fail

I think the nine cost may have to do with upcoming cards.


fair point might be maybe new legendary spells or weapon for mage