Changes Incoming for Evocation & Solarian Prime

Hey everyone,

We’ll be making the following balance changes in a patch to be released towards the end of next week:


  • Old: [Cost 1] → New: [Cost 2]

Astromancer Solarian

  • Old: Solarian Prime [Cost 7] → New: Solarian Prime [Cost 9]

Both cards will be eligible for a full dust refund for 2 weeks after the patch has gone live.


So 1 Mana bump so no longer generated by wand maker and the dragon, reasonable.

Solarian. Probably still okay. Was always underpriced for what it did (but all the prime kind of are).


And here comes the noise…

Even as someone who recently has gotten into spell mage… the nerf is a good decision, in my opinion.


Solarium coulda just been bumped to 8. Evocation is a nice change though.


Good nerf. I think I would also change SolPrime to have 8/8 stat line. Align with other legendaries generating randomness at the high cost range.

At 9 cost, you can get 1 mana out that could take advantage of the +1 sp dmg, so the nerf hit follow up playability really hard - such as draw, additional dmg, 2-3 cost spells (outside of the RNG - RNG isn’t a follow-up - it’s just RNG).


It will be interesting to see what this does.


Awesome :sunglasses: much needed changes


I’m thinking it won’t affect too much, the rare scenarios of drawing an RNG Evo is much less of a problem than the DH drawing twin slice. TS should be 2 mana especially since it has synergy to do more than just face. 4 mana 2 spells, 16 dmg.


Evo sure

Prime to 9 shows that you are really clueless.

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Why? What am I missing? And God willing, if ya read any of this, Kerfluffle – please, please work on the shaman and warlock classes!

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Do you think Prime is too expensive at nine?
Is that the reason for your reply?

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Wow, the solarian change is huge!

I don’t like evocation change: for 2 mana you get random spells and you only have 8 mana to play some of those.
Ok, now it won’t be generated by many “add a 1 cost spell to your hand” cards, but it doesn’t look like a card that I would play to win a game.

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I feel like the changes directly correlate with people complaining about RNG. Evocation getting RNG’d off a wand maker or dragon and then RNG’ing itself was a bit too much. Solarian Prime cost to 9 is a bit surprising, might have been fine at 8 but it’s specifically a hit to another RNG card.

I said this before and I’ll say it again. When a tournament happens and an RNG card completely swings in a super high roll fashion for the world to see to the point where it determines who is champion and who is not, it’s not a good look for Hearthstone and doesn’t give sway to the Hearthstone being an E-sport argument.

This obviously isn’t a balance change because Mage is doing phenomenal or warping the meta. It’s a direct hit at 2 heavy hitting RNG cards for OTHER reasons.


Did it happen with these two cards in a tournament? I want to see the outcome

I’m not 100% sure but I did see a game someone posted a few days ago where it happened in a tournament and you could see the look of disgust on the other player’s face as they shoved their chair away from the computer when they got mage RNG’d extremely hard. They were completely winning the match and 1 card smashed it via high roll.

I’m sure someone here knows what video I’m talking about and can repost it.

It’s happened quite a few times and the reactions afterward definitely show that people think it’s crap.


I have to ask… but how in the Hell did Blizzard not predict your point? I’ve read you post it before and it’s entirely true! If the world champ’ is determined by RNG for the world to see… Then anyone can become champion, provided they’re lucky enough.

This. If anyone can find this video, we’d highly appreciate your posting it. :slight_smile: I wanna see what I look like when this happens. :rofl:

Course it is, a lot of the time it an emergency card at 7 mana to stop aggro mowing you down.


I felt really bad for the guy. Definitely been in his position. Shoved himself away from the computer to the side and just looked on in horror when the final spell hit and it was the best spell it could possibly be. Like it highrolled the 8 cost mage spell that summons 2 6 cost minions and I believe it then highrolled into some crazy minion like the 5/2 charge minions…each spell was a highroll essentially and the dude’s face was getting worse and worse with each one.

The only thing worse than a highroll is a highroll highrolling again.

There are posts from back in 2016 where people are stating RNG needs to stop and Blizzard specifically addressed it and said they were not worried about RNG hurting the game at all. They basically doubled down.

I also think they nerfed PRIME because a Prime playing potion of illusion on itself multiple times caused for more highroll RNGs.

I once had an opponent play Prime for 7, got it to cast potion of illusion, played the second prime, it also cast potion of illusion and he played the other 2 primes and guess what one of those primes did?

It’s really ridiculous. Highrolls are bad. Highrolls highrolling for more RNG highrolls are stupid.


So is Solarian still playable or is it dead?