Cards Missing From Collection

When I logged in today, I noticed my 2 copies of Dun Baldar Bunker was missing from my hunter deck and collection.

Anyone knew the reason for this? Does this have anything to do with free dust screen I got when I logged in?


I also have some of the golden uncraftable cards (maybe even normal version too) missing from the recent expansion after logging in just now. The Dun Baldar Bunker x2, Iceblood Tower x1 (weird but I only have 1 now), Dun Baldar Bridge x2, Stormpike Aid Station x2, Iceblood Garrison x2, and even Lokholar is missing for me.

This is after I received 7200 dust. Hopefully nothing else was affected somehow.

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I noticed i’m missing the golden copy of lokholar the ice lord. Going to check the rest of my collection.


I am too missing a bunch of the cards gotten from the climb up to grand marshall all golden ones are just gone. Which ofc invalidates a bunch of my decks cause I dusted the old non golden cards.


I got 8000 dust and have 10 golden uncraftable rares missing. Everything I got as a reward for the Honor questline is gone, save Stormpike aid station. Listed out that’s (2x) Golden Dun Balder Bunker, (2x) Golden Dun Balder Bridge, (2x) Golden Iceblood Garrison, (2x) Golden Iceblood Tower, and (2x) Golden Frostwolf Kennels. Do I just wait and hope to get my rewards back?


My golden uncraftables from honor are gone.


They yoinked the Honor uncraftables and gave the equivalent Dust value as if they were ordinary craftable Gold cards. :open_mouth:

This is actually a very good deal for most players, people are often getting 5k-15k Dust which is actually dozens or hundreds of dollars in pack value equivalent.

All my golden honor cards, plus golden Lokholar randomly, are gone. I actually would prefer to keep them as opposed to getting the dust–especially since it’s not obvious that’s what the dust was for, so getting those cards back (in non-golden form) I can’t do, and the golden versions are unobtainable now.

EDIT: I guess they’re looking into the issue about missing cards. That’s a relief.


This happened to me too I got 8000 dust which is nice but all my honour rewards cards are gone, and I completed the whole quest line. Also my golden windfury rush guy is missing.

I’m also missing some of the Dun Baldur cards. Noticed it in my janky warrior deck that one was missing.

Same here. My uncraftable golden iceblood towers got dusted.

I am in the same boat

I initially reached out to support because I did not know this forum existed.

They told me to post here so I did, as they stated they could do nothing and wanted to “Let the developers know in the right place”

All my honor gold reward cards are gone. Examples Frost Wolf Kennels and Dun Baldar.

The game gave my 5,200 dust on login and all the honor gold cards were gone.

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I got 2x 8000 dust and all my golden uncraftables are gone. I had dusted the non-golden versions and just kept the goldens, so now I have incomplete decks.

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Just replying here to support and reinforce this comment as it is identical to what happened to me, and I have the same question.

I got the same issue, and I really like the golden version of those cards (I am a collectionist one). On the other hand, it doesn’t feel very well to lose cards from an event that only few people completed before january 11 (Blizzard official data). So I want my cards back, I don’t mind if they take the 4800 dust that was given to me today.

Same. I want the cards back.

Hi, I was doing the iceblood garrison I think ? acchievement with warrior, and suddenly my deck is missing 2 cards.

I checked and I’m missing all copies of those cards we earned, towers, bunkers, bridge however they are called, all of them missing, I just logged out to go eat, and 1 hour later, no cards.

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