Captain Eudora Hero Power Hotfix

Hey everyone,

We’re currently rolling out a hotfix for another Battlegrounds bug introduced in the 17.4 patch:

  • Fixed an issue where minions generated by Captain Eudora’s Hero Power were not correctly interacting with the minion pool.

This will address multiple Battlegrounds bugs reported recently such as not receiving a minion when playing Murozond, not getting a Murloc when using Fungalmancer Flurgl’s Hero Power, getting 1 less minion when refreshing Bob’s Tavern, and only getting 2 Discover choices.

This update will take place on the server side, so you won’t have to download anything if you’ve updated to 17.4.

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Are they going to HOTFIX anything else that’s wrong with the game? Given that standard is kinda trash right now?

  1. Animation times
  2. Bugs around Nozdormu ( it skips turns)
  3. Actually fix DH (altruis to only hit minions and not face?) it’s been 3 NERFS and still its #1 win%
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Captain Eudora Is Never Giving a Gold! useless Hero