Cant login game on mobile

Im playing on Android Mobile client. I started app as usual, but game ask me to login again. I entered email and password correctly but game ask login again and again.


Me too super frustrating

If same thing happening you too this means this is general bug. Team will fix this quick i believe.

Same issue bump for blue

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Cant you teach me what ‘bump for blue’ means, im not familiar with this forum and my English is bad.

Blizzard please fix this least respond , check reddit its alot of people

Still hasnt fixed i cant play hearthstone

Sorry very old term from early days of this forum. It means bumping the thread up to try and get a response from a blizzard employee.

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Just hope that your account isn’t wiped because I logged in on my pc and EVERYTHING on my account is gone. All progress wiped thus far. It went right into the tutorial.

Can’t login either. I contacted support team, they reset my email address and password, I reinstalled the app, cleared cache, however, the app still crashes and I can’t log in on my Android mobile, I am being redirected to their webpage which freezes during log in.


Still hasn’t fixed, I cannot play 3 day’s ago

Me too, i dont have PC, only client i can use is android phone, i do have time for games but i cant play hearthstone.

If your android phone’s language is not English, set it to English, then retry. It worked for me…

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