Cannot play anything

It seems like I don’t get my account data when I logged in. Battlenet is fine, also the game launch normally. However, once the menu is up, there are 2 outcomes. 1) The loading is very long and the screen shows that you have connection problem OR 2) The loading is also very long, but I got to the menu where I can see only my gold amount and I cannot play anything from traditional, battleground, brawl, solo, opening journal/shop, or even my collection. This seems to be my account info problem since i’ve tried on both my phone and PC, and still faces the exact same problem. Once in a while, i’ll be able to play normally, but I wouldn’t dare get into any online play, so I decided to logout and relogin again. That’s when I realize how I made the right choice, yeah, I’m still stuck with the above issue. It is just so happens to be a lucky occurrence. I tried restart the Battlenet and my computer btw, but it wouldn’t even matter with “my devices” since it affected both my phone and PC.