Cannot Log out/in Hearthstone

I can’t log out of Hearthstone on my iPad. My wife logged in on her account on my iPad. I want to log her out and log in with my account. BUT, there’s nowhere to do that. I even tried deleting the app and reinstalling and it still won’t allow me to log in. It logs her account in. HELP!


Same here on Android

Hey there,

At the main menu there should be a cog wheel at the top right. Under that should be the option to switch accounts. Are you missing the cog wheel? Is there no switch accounts option? Where exactly in the process are you getting stuck?

Reply back with a bit more detail on what exactly is happening and that will help the community here offer troubleshooting/solutions.

Gog wheel is at BOTTOM right and brings me to Game Menu w/Options or Switch Account. Switch Account only lets me choose a region where my region (Americas & Southeast Asia) grayed out. And, if I choose either other region (Europe or Asia) it says that not everything transfers over.

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Same here. It’s been like this since around Tuesday. Please fix.

I havent been able to log into HS for 2 days now not sure if this is related just crashes i can log into other games like ow2 and wow

D4 works, wow has just started t crash for me now too. ow2 still fine.

Giving up i’ll come back in a few months given me a reason to break this game :smiley:

@Kershaw Any updates on this issue?

I also have that bug. I play EU. When i want to switch accounts EU was greyed out. So i clicked on USA but then i had to do the tutorial. (Win 3 games as a mage) This way i first have to go to usa account. Then log logout and i can select EU because when i am on USA that one is greyed out. Not a huge problem. But switching between accounts takes much more time now.

Is there a fix for this yet? As of 19 Nov it’s still an issue.

I’m not able to play the game because of this bug. There is no way to log out on Android. Seriously? What a joke.

Hey everyone,

The Hearthstone team is aware of this issue with the current region being greyed out making it difficult to switch accounts. They are investigating.

The work around in the meantime is to switch to a different region, complete the tutorial, then you can switch back to your preferred region and change accounts.