Cannot choose lvl 100 Hero Portrait reward from Tavern Pass

I’ve reached level 100 in tavern pass but when I choose my Hero Portrait reward nothing happens. I click “Claim”-button and then nothing happens.

Please fix this bug.



Same problem here.

Hello, I’m having the same issue, no matter how many times I try. Claiming my Hero isn’t working, even though I just hit level 100.

Happening to me as well. Trying to choose illidan, what about you all?

Hello. I’m also trying to redeem, but am unable to choose any!

Same on me. F*** *ff they dont fix this bug a long time ago! Dead game p2w

Possibly also having this same issue. Came back from not playing for a long time and a hero portrait reward pops up at game launch. Claim button visually activates but isn’t selectable/tappable, so I can’t do anything.

Same here. Quite frustrating tbh


I’ve tried disabling all my add-ons like Decktracker, but no effect.

Come on Blizz, fix this!! Still broken…

Same issue, hope for an update soon since next patch is right around the corner.

Same issue for me. And also why does my reply need to be 20 characters? If I just want to say I’m having the same issue, let me say it. jesus.

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