Can we rename "battlecry" to something less sad?

Can we replace “battlecry” with “battlesmile” or “battlelaugh” or something?

Right now the word makes me sad and is offensive.

This is a simulated war game; appropriate to the world we actually live in, as opposed to the one we would like to live in.

It’s a stretch to claim “Battlecry” is offensive.

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I assume you find it sad because you think of the wrong definition of cry
It doesn’t stand as an expression of sadness, but of a will to fight.

How about we make it Deathcry and Battlerattle?

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April Fools!


Not on my watch

I really hope that this is a joke or sarcasm or something.
The world needs less snowflakes as is.

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Battlerattle sounds rad AF tho’ tbh

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i wonder how many ppl took his take serious and didn’t the trolling behind

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I like battlesmile <3
cute name >_<

resting conflict-resolution face or conflict-resolution emotional response

Fighting Words! Or Conflict Conversation Starter. :grin: