Can someone explain aggro to me?


I wish we live in a world where aggro have 75% winrate. Sadly, most aggro is at early 50+%. Meanwhile i do agree your deck list constitute close to aggro. But that is not the common token list. So the argument from the start isnt on the same premise already. The most commonly played token list is still not an aggro deck.


It’s a bold move to make blanket statements about a deck’s winrate when there are plenty sites out there that have actual data that prove otherwise. There isn’t a single archetype in this meta that has a winrate of 60% (let alone 75%), and such numbers would be legitimate grounds to call for a deck’s nerfing.

It’s true that Aggro wins if their opponent can’t stabilize. That’s literally what Aggro does. Doesn’t mean it’s overpowered, braindead, or more dominant than any other archetype in the meta.


Yeah I discarded cards that aren’t favorable to the win condition. It needs a board presence to land savage roar or SotF. The 8 cost drop 5 2/2’s is useless in most situations. Although it has been a win condition for me its a card burning a hole in my hand 4x to 1 easily. Ramp up the deathrattle summons and ability to flood the board for a strong board to play the +1/1 cards and/or +2 att and/or SotF. and its a strong aggro deck.


Infinity, I’m not stating that it has a winrate over all platforms, I’m simply stating my personal experience with it. I’ve won roughly 70% over 25 matches.


So you’re telling me that the following decks didn’t crush aggro in the past:

  • Taunt Quest Warrior
  • Whatever Control Priest shell I felt like running (Quest + MB is probably my favorite)
  • Baku Warrior… where I literally felt SAD for any aggro when I hit them

Control is a bit weak right now due to only have 2 real classes capable right now in Warrior and Shaman. I looked at my deck tracker from last month:
Control Shaman against Druid (vast majority Token): 18-8.

I promise you you are not winning 75% of your games against a competent Control deck + player. 50/50 with the current tools maybe but again… outside of when Priest had Psychic Scream token has never been an open and shut win for Control in HS as they tend to force double removal from the Control class eventually.


I won’t say not favourable. Just very different. The common token can refill the board every turn and eventually drain the opponent out of resources until the board stick. It can last till turn 10+ and still have resources. You switch it up and aim for early stabilisation and stick to hope for an early savage roar to end the game. Pretty sure past turn 6 - 7 your deck pretty much run out of steam.


THAT, certainly, is an aggro deck. It isn’t what I’d call the optimal Token Druid build, but it’s definitely aggro. The usual build runs Crystalsong Portal and 2 8-drops (The Forest’s Aid), which means the resulting play style against control is incredibly different.

I will say that your matches against control are likely to be boring, from both sides. Your match against Mech Hunter is similarly boring, and one-sided. Your matches against Zoo, Lackey Rogue, and Midrange Hunter, though, will likely involve a lot of decisions on both sides.

…And even though your early game is better than the standard Token Druid, I can’t imagine it still wins against Zoo. Zoo contests the board much better early on. and never allows the Druid a foothold. Much more comeback potential, as well.

I will grant that Token Druid beats Murlocs. However, why is it that when a control deck runs a Murloc deck out of gas by killing all its minions, it is “controlling” the Murloc deck, but when Token Druid does the same thing, it is “out-aggro-ing” it?? The game plan against Murlocs is clearly attrition; only a newbie would leave a Shaman with Murlocs on the board, unless they have lethal that turn.


I sometimes play Murloc Paladin in Wild (the normal fast version of it without 10 mana spells).

Because sometimes I just want to be fast and win 1-2 matches with paladin. It’s also the only deck I have that stands a chance against Big Priest (only if they draw badly tho).

Oh and I also drew every card I needed from packs :wink: It doesn’t take a decklist from the internet to figure out a well-performing murloc wild deck.