Can someone explain aggro to me?


Can an aggro player please explain to me why you like playing the game like this? I honestly dont get it at all.

How can there be any shred of fun left when you basically do anything and everything to avoid any mechanic that brings depth into this game? There is no thinking involved (you’re just top-decking the simplest combos), nor planing your moves ahead or adjusting your gameplay according to the deck you are facing. Its just facerolling really.

And i dont mean it in any way offensive to you aggro players who obviously take extreme pride in doing the same fight over and over and over because you show it by the arrogance you ALL display through the emotes right before lethal.

Can someone help me understand it?
(and dont get me wrong. I have no problems fighting against aggro… im just curious)


I played thousands of control games, but also midrange and aggro games; and I am going to straight up tell you this.

Aggro takes skill just like any other archetype.

It just seems like it doesn’t because of its win condition.


I played aggro too (rogue and paladin). And i feel the exact opposit. As long as the deck is versitile… there is absolutely no thinking involved. Just throwing out one top-deck combo after the next.


First you need to define what is aggro and non-aggro.
From there we can have a better picture for discussion.

Using an example:
If you have to drive/take a bus to school.
Would you take the most direct/shortest route or you take a detour/longest route?


Aggro is as valid as playing control or otk.

Just because some people don’t like it, doesn’t mean its wrong to play it.


Aggro is the default archetype of the game. Play cards on curve. Not just hero power pass. Every turn is taken into consideration.


Here we go!

“I can play 1 spell every 5 turns! My brain r big!”

“Its so strategic to look at the board and use 4 damage to kill 4 health minions!”

“Sometimes I gotta draw cards! See how smart i am!”

Theres not a deck archetype in this game that requires any great leap of intelligence. Except, maybe, a control pally right just now. Their removal is…limited and demands careful use.


By this analogy, you are saying that playing this game is something like a chore/necessary evil (for lack of a better word) that you want to get over with as quickly as possible? Than why play the game at all if you try to avoid (get over with) playing it in the first place?

Maybe its just me but i feel like in this case the ride in the buss (playing this card game against your opponents) is the thing that you should enjoy. Thats why i cant wrap my head around aggro players.

(i define aggro decks as decks who have the goal to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. Ideally starting with the first minion(s) on the board at 1st turn. And (in current meta) aiming for lethal at round 4-6.


I actually hated aggro till I tried it, and then I realized how much fun it actually is (not Malyrogue levels of fun, but still pretty fun). I mean, to be honest, after the mulligan, I am performing calculations that can mean the difference between win and loss. While you snicker at me throwing an si:7 and eviscerate at your face while ignoring your board, I have calculated lethal and the chances that you can heal enough damage to avoid it. I think about contingencies in case you remove my 2/2 that guarantees lethal. I consider the chances that I draw that ping that will close out the game. I have to seriously consider the value of a 1/5 and how I can use it to bring me closer to the win. It is the most intense game play available, and only loses out (in my oppinion) to the jaw dropping spectacle that is dropping malygos and 8 other cards in a single turn.

All this is assuming that baku rogue and the current tempo rogue are aggro (tempo rogue definitely feels aggressive lol) as those are the only aggressive decks I have played. Either way, stop being salty, people enjoy different things.


Those people chase after awards basically. Anything to get the fastest gains per possible this is one reason.

Another is aggro exsits to shutdown OTK pretty much. You ever see those decks in magic that funnel through just looking for what they need ignoring you to win? Aggro is supposed to checkmate that game design.

Heres the truth why people like you an myself dont like aggro. Because youre wanting to explore unique strats an combos of cards. But lets be honest its not very good. BUT we know HS has 10 mana as its limit so we wanna explore game play that involes max mana etc.

To the people who say aggro takes “skill” sit the f down, not in HS it doesnt. Decks are only 30 cards. Getting a perfect opener is beyond easy. The game is so tempo driven whoever goes first destroys people. You cant even interact with the opponent during there turn. Which is huge if youre used to playing magic for years. Thats why combo also sucks cause just a simple Counterspell would crush such an archetype.

Yes OP its boring just watching people drop cheap minions an hoping to get any form of burst to win like skill command, or snowball minions. People act like aggro is fine because BOARDWIPES. Boardwipes are trash when refills are way to easy to perform. To really control aggro we need stuff like Frostbolt aka Lightning bolt in magic to negate tough 1 drops.

If we had better control tools we could actually print legeit awesome aggro cards like 1 mana 4/3 it enters the battlefield unless you choose to take 4 damage. Then it doesnt enter the battlefield. But 30 card decks an apparently unlike magic where you can run mana rocks (aka ramp) in HS youre stuck with the stupid system of 1 mana per turn, then 2 crystals, then 3 etc. Which awards AGGRO waaaaaay more insanely than control who wants more mana asap to play its higher cost cards.

Tl;dr game caters to the easier archetype aggro than any other.


Because control mirrors are ResidentSleeper and combo mirrors are literally decided by who draws better.

A healthy balance of all archetypes is needed, and you are no more skillful just playing removal after removal than an aggro player who manages their resources making you use your board clears in a bad way.


I promise I could destroy you as aggro in any matchup you wanted way more easy than control because of the mana system. THATS a fact.


More like would you go for a relaxing walk or a bike trip around the city. Taking a walk would be like control, you don’t get so see as much, but you have time to think and inspect stuff. Bike trip makes you more concentrated and you don’t want to screw up. Like aggro.



I’d be willing to take that up. I feel that since WotOG Control has had the tools for, at least, one or two classes to keep Aggro on lockdown.


Nobody here is raging. Nobody feels bigger than someone else here. Dont imply that pls.

But wont you agree that someone who has a deck (and play style) were the only option is, to put the next card you draw, straight on the deck, or a style were youre only goal is, to flood the board with 1 cost minions every turn untill there is no resistance left, is a little bit less demanding than a deck that actually has you look at what your opponent is doing?

Most aggro decks ive seen or played involve 0,000% need to react to the opponents moves, or play your cards in a different way, or adjust the pacing, or bait the opponent into falling for a trap or what ever. Its just mindless card throwing with the goal to archieve or maintain that status that lets you win in 5 rounds.


Aggro takes about as much skill as any other deck archetype in this game. For every player who thinks aggro is just mindless minion vomit, there’s a player who thinks control is just mindless stall/removal spam. Every archetype can be portrayed as mindless/boring if you refuse to acknowledge the fact that each archetype is different, and therefore requires a different strategy.


Sure, me odd warrior you odd pally. lets go!

People who claim that control is so much more skillful than aggro are just fooling themselves, one of the most skill intensive matchups since formats launched was the Pirate Warrior mirror - Fact!

its either resident sleeper draw to fatigue mirrors, stomp aggro or get obliterated by combo. Much skill, such wow.


Every player have an objective they wish to derive from the game.
The example put the scenario in simple understandable context.

For a student that takes a bus to school.
The most efficient way is to take the the most direct/shortest route.
However, through out the year, if he/she keeps taking the same route. Boredom may set in.
Thus, occasionally, the student opts to take a slightly longer route to enjoy a break, enjoy the scenery, etc.

In reverse, a student can opt to choose the detour/longest route everyday. But, in term of time efficiency, he/she made a trade of experience over efficiency.

Put it into context into the real world, then it becomes clearer.

Out of curiosity, If you track the past 20 games you played, how many games ended by turn 6?


I havent experienced like that. I won my way up pretty high but it was never fun for me but reading how you experience it, changes things for me! Thanks for that insight!

------- Case closed --------


Happy to be of service mang.