Bug with new way to unlock 3rd equipment

If you had already completed task 6 before the patch if you go into the merc info card now it still says “complete task 6”

I know for a fact my Ragnaros and Blink Fox already did their “task 6 : defeat 40 minions” and my 3rd equipment is still locked…

I assume someone’s gonna say , just complete the next task (which would be #7, and would’ve unlocked the 3rd equipment anyways) but common I assumed I would have the 3rd slot auto opened post patch

** Wish they would’ve added a (current task this merc is on) tracker to gauge which one is more beneficial to pick from the stranger… but that’s another issue. **

dont know if you noticed but now on stranger selection screen , if you click once it will show next task for selected merc … but when making a party you still cant know at what task you are.

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I didn’t notice that, but I’ll keep an eye out going forward