Bug with collection feats showdown in the badlands

problem expansion showdown in the bad lands
I encountered a frustrating bug regarding the latest expansion. To complete the task of possessing all the cards and unlocking the coin with Diamond Elise, it tells me that a generic card is missing, specifically a legendary one, but I’m not missing anything, I don’t know how to do it, I have I also used most of the dust in vain to try to spot craft some legendary but I don’t know how to do anything

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same here, very annoying.


same here i want my elise

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This is listed in the known issues topic:

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Same here, will that be solved soon?

I have the same issue… is this going to be fixed?

I have this problem I disenchant legendaries all the time what do they expect us to do I had a golden refunded for 3200 dust im not going to wait lol

Well, your being impatient is on you then.