Bug to create golden cards of goblins vs gnomes

Hello everyone,
I’d like to know if the same thing happens to you or it’s up to me. Turns out I’m trying to make a golden hightlander warlock for a while now. Yesterday I was preparing to create a golden Mal’ganis after having disenchanted mine normal and I find that the cards of goblins vs gnomes cannot be created in gold. Do you have any explanation for this or is this a game BUG?
Thank you very much and greetings!

Noticed this as well. Entirety of GvG cards in golden are uncraftable. Not just you, seems an odd bug.

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They added it to the current known issues list but for a future patch and they’re out of the office next week.

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Well this sucks I really wanted a few cards from this set to be golden and I cannot for ??? Can we at least hear how this bug manifested how does a set just suddenly turn off like that I’m curious this would tie me over if you told us that much