Bug or intended?

Posted this on bug report forum but it hasn’t been replied to in 3 days, so figured I’d ask here. When I come back from a disconnect the game says “I won my last game” when every single time, it’s clear I didn’t. Not sure if this is a bug or intended for some reason, but it has been really confusing me as to why it would say that. Any ideas what’s going on here?

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I was having that but haven’t noticed it in a couple days. Usually happens if I exit the game without conceding the loss… on… “accident”.

Right…but why does it say “you won the game” then? It’s extremely confusing. Imagine someone telling you you can touch the Mona Lisa, when you very much can’t. Actually it’s even worse, imagine a museum employee tells you you can touch the Mona Lisa. That’s basically what’s happening here…just really confused about it.

You didn’t get an answer because it’s a bug. You did the right thing already by posting it there. Looking for an answer on something non-game breaking will just drive you nuts.

Because the previous version of this message was too oppressive. They made it a little more politically correct.

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Definetly intended, because it happens every time for some months already.

Maybe they think you will feel better knowing that a disconnection didn’t affect your last game (spoiler: it did anyways).
For the very very casual player, who doesn’t even know at what rank he is playing, maybe this looks like a good feature: fake “you win” messages to make them feel better?
I can only assume. If it is indeed a bug, I have no idea how they managed to make it happen in the first place

Bugs is not something one makes to happen. They are born from dirty code.

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I know, I just can’t figure how they managed to put that message there in the first place.

Do you think they had the “you won your last game” in the code even before the bug? how is anyone supposed to win a game after a disconnection :joy:
(maybe they had it just in case it will happen, but it’s hilarious indeed that it was a possibility)

All I know is it is extremely confusing to this old grandma to be told she won a game she lost. I figured it must have been a bug…but reading the comments here, is it intended? If so, that is flat out wrong! It’s important for messages like these to be accurate, for obvious reasons. If if it intended…then please give us an option to turn on “honest messages” or something!

The message was “You lost your last game” before the change. It was in the game from the beginning and was shown every time you relaunched the game and your match you disconnected from is already over. I don’t understand which bug you are talking about.

Is there a way to get a reply on this? They never replied in the bug forum, or here.

I Get the same thing. IT say’s that I won my last match, but my star rating does not change. But meh, whatever, I just roll with it and its really only 1 star anyway. Until you hit legend when its then just mmr, and your rating can go down even if you win, depending on who they match you up against.

Right, it’s not like the end of the world kind of big deal, but it is something that needs to be fixed! If it’s unintended. Or if it’s intended, then that makes no sense and we need an option for “true messages” or something!

Well I doubt it’s intentional, and yes, I agree, it shouldn’t happen and it would be nice to see it resolved.

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