Bug - Corrupted Cards

This happens on eu servers by the way, just noticed original post was for US servers

Same issue for me playing Paladin. Corrupted cards die but stay on board. Hope there is a fix today. Finally, had a nice deck put together.

Here too… Love that they sign off testing upon releasing a patch only to find a game breaking bug like this. Sort it out !!!

yeah i got the same, i cant attak my corrupted minion, i thought i got lethal in arena game play bloodlust and i lost because of this cannot move…

i’ve got on board 8 minions btw imgur com/gallery/ksThKgr

Crazy corrupt druida deck cards. Clowns don’t disappear and you can’t interact with them.

Even devolved corrupted cards (Strongman) will keep this glitch. I couldn’t quite understand why I couldn’t interact with my 1/1 Desk imp.

Known and acknowledged:

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It’s more than just a visual bug. I hope they’re aware of that.


Agreed , it affects gameplay not just as a visual effect. Happens with Insatiable Felhound too, just to add to the list.

when ever I login i always loose my first game because I never get to play it as seraching for opponent runs forever even though my games already started but never get in it, and tickatus once played never leaves my board, when killed he reappears (occupying space even though I can’t use him) and even if mind controlled he sticks on mysids of the board.

I need to see a picture of a full board of clowns getting pushed off the edge of the board.

if all corrupted cards are affected big druid is dead

I had the same issue… It was an 8/8 taunt in Tavern Brawl

Same in ranked play.

they to fix the corrupted bug

Despite people’s claims, this IS just a visual bug. I have picture proof of having 8 minions on bored, including a bugged corrupt card, meaning the bugged corrupted card does not actually take up any space

Same here… Is there a way to get refunded? I had a deck I felt was going 12 wins Arena for sure. Then this bug screwed me over. One game- I had 7 corrupted cards and it would only ever let me add a minion to get 8 cards visible and nothing more.

I don’t know what you’re seeing, but I will repeat that I attempted to target the corrupted card and was unable to. Attempted to attack with it and was unable to. (And who would accept even a visual bug that appears to fill up the board, anyway. Try “Oh just something that makes things appear unplayable,” if that were even true.)

If you tried to target or tried to attack with a corrupted minion that was already dead, then of course you can’t interact with it since it normally wouldn’t be there anymore. I can confirm that this is “only” a visual bug. Minions only take away board space visually, you can fill up your board with for example two dead minions and 6 “real” minions.