Bug after update?

Aftet update it doesnt work to challenge a friend

Hey WyFine,

Did this happen while one player is on a mobile device?

This usually happens right after a patch release, both players will need to be on the same game version in order to challenge a friend.

salve,vorrei porvi alla vostra attenzione di un problema nellamodalità di gioco “avventura” sezione “laboratorio enigmi” sezione “ala segreta” con Dott.Boom nell’ultima sfida che ha una vita di 999 e nella sfida consiste di ucciderlo ma forse è stata modificata una carta e non si riesce a completarlo, io al massimo sono arrivato a fargli avere quasi 650 di vita!
Potete dargli un’occhiata e risolvere il problema?
Grazie mille in anticipo

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Grazie per la segnalazione. Ma prima, per favore non rispondere a discussioni non correlate con un nuovo problema. Inoltre, non pubblicare su un thread inattivo da 6 mesi.

Il problema che stai segnalando è noto, una correzione è in arrivo il 9 aprile.

Scuse per l’utilizzo di Google translate.

Thanks for the report. But first, please do not reply to unrelated threads with a new problem. Also, please do not post on a thread which has been inactive for 6 months.

The problem you are reporting is known, a fix is coming April 9.

Appologies for using Google translate.

I apologize for publishing the problem here, in fact the whole adventure I updated it without problem even with the modified card but only against Dr. Boom in the last challenge and impossible!
I will wait for April 9th ​​and try again.
thank you very much

hey i cant build my decks after the new update is anyone else experiencing this?

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Did anyone spotted the Bru’kan bug?
if you max attack of Tarecgosa u cant kill opponents mobs, instead you fully heal then. Only if they have max hp they can die.

On display it was maxed at 21474836… and some more digits that health covered them, but on full stats my biggest minion had 209662808 attack and next to this most minion damage was 4183.
For the record i lost the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t create cards, only i can destroy cards to make dust. But i can’t create cards with the dust

After this update a few of my cards have been deleted from my decks. The cards are: 2 faceless manipulator, Murozond the infinite, Brann Bronzbeard and 1 Armorsmith.
I don’t know if any other cards have gone missing. But those cards are missing from my decks. Why is that, and when will they return? I still haven’t gotten back the 1 card that disapeard with an update 4 months ago. So that one I had to buy again. But i can’t afford to buy those ones again. So please fix this bug, so I can play again.

Добрый день. Собрал колоду с картой меха-попрыгуха, начал играть матч, на поле боя был призваный мурлок и меха-попрыгуха, апонент убил первую попрыгуху но ее предсмертный хрип не сработал. Хочу сообщить вам об этой ошибке

Good afternoon. I assembled a deck with a Mecha-Bouncer card, started playing a match, there was a murloc and a Mecha-Bouncer summoned on the battlefield, an opponent killed the first bouncer, but her death rattle did not work. I want to inform you about this error

hi , i maxed Argent Braggart stats and when it hits to oponents card he doesnt do damage, and u have bug : when this card hits it takes only effect from oponents card and for example if oponent has poisoned murloc it takes only poison and the mainc card still stays alive , and my maxed Argent Braggart which hp and attack is 2 bilion/2 billion dies . :slight_smile: pls fix this problem , i lose game cause of this bug , with two minions of 2bilion/2bilion stats, i have screens. my battlenet id : mishka #22914