Buddies have ruined Battlegrounds again

There’s nothing to say or explain. Battlegrounds is completely broken. Just remove the idea about buddies, it’s adding a lot of a random in a random-based game. Buddies idea is not applicable to Battlegrounds. Back to basics and evolve in terms of classic Battlegrounds style. You also can create sub regime “Buddy” in Battlegrounds and you’ll see that nobody playing it.

You can also hire me as R&D Manager and I’ll tell you how to evolve :slight_smile:


I’ve become so frustrated I’ve actually uninstalled the game. If you miss a few rolls you’re out by turn 9. Completely ridiculous.


I did not uninstall the game, just got back to the Arena mode. This mode is disbalanced as well, but not as much as BG so far. Anyways, strategically, it looks like HS BG team is in lack of good ideas for sure. Implementing “Buds” again without any groung changes - looks really weak.

Buddy meta is unplayable bad, I agree.

I haven’t touched it in a couple days. No interest in highroll casino.

You get a good hero or you die. One doesn’t actually have much agency in the matter now as it’s all dictated by the highroll.

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Yes, agree.

Undead and new cards with “All” race was a good addition. Can’t understand why they are trying to change the game plan with those “Biddies”.

Just work more on adding new cards that increase synergy between neutral cards and existing races to minimize “empty rolls” in the tavern. Make Hero Power more valuable and pricey, give it leveling for example. There’s a lot of basic things that might be rewised.

The very least that they could do is, that you get more points towards your buddy if you lose the fight.

It seems really strange to me that they set you even further behind, for having a bad time


I agree. Battlegrounds are almost unplayable now. This is not what I paid $20 for this season!


Few takeaways from this patch
Tavern 5 increased upgrade cost is awful and forces the entire lobby into mid range builds that shouldnt win games.
Aggressive leveling is so much more risky with lower hp across basically every hero.
Heroes with now sub 40hp feel so awful if you lose a fight in the mid game. Run into a high roll player, get hit for damage cap and your game is legit over.


The tier 5 nerf is having a laugh. Just got 1st place with Murlocs, tier 5, no poison, one plain Magma with 5 stacks, one turn with Brann. Tier 5 nerf, with the added buddy expense, has watered down the endgame I feel.

Couldn’t agree more with a lot of these posts. The amount of polarized games where you simply lose just because you’re getting hit for 15+ every single turn by highrollers is outrageous. The same thing happened last time they had buddies in the game.

A large problem is also that they incentivize highrolling by giving those people their buddy earlier. So it’s hoping for luck on top of luck and then it’s a breeze to at least top 4. I’ve seen people hitting for 15 at turn 7 with a 7-game win streak. It’s absolutely broken and there are several things that Blizzard could do to balance it, but yet we see nothing. I’m even seeing 10k+ rating streamers freaking out over the RNG.

Why did you bring back buddies when everyone just wanted quests back?

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My problem with buddies, unlike quests, is they are tied to the hero you pick.

  1. Lack a variation. At least with quests you got random ones to choose from to mix with your hero pick. Thus you can play the same hero in different ways depending on the quest received.
  2. Since there is no mixing…“it is what it is”. You know X hero and its pros and cons, buddies just help or hurt that overall. Unlike quests being able to change up a hero’s strengths and weaknesses.
    A bad buddy on a bad hero VS a good buddy on a good hero, with everything else in between.

At least with quests, 1 person can mix up playstyles (replayability) over the same hero. With buddies…you know there hero…you know the buddy…you know the goal from basically the start.

Maybe if hero had a choice of buddies.
Maybe if quests were mixed with buddies.

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Except for the buddies that cheat economy/minions, they’re not phased by the change and destroy everyone anyway.

Buddies have destroyed the mode even without the tier cost change. You’re dead on turn 8 or 9 if you don’t have one of a handful of heroes immune to the changes.

I don’t recall a game this wasn’t the case.

I didn’t want either. It was fine before. It doesn’t need a gimmick to be interesting.

This is half true, imo… there were definitely quests that worked best and better for a given hero, and you rarely chose something other than those ideal options. If you didn’t get one of those ideal quests, you were dead. If you did get a good choice, it told you exactly how to play.

I don’t think quest meta was as diverse (at least at higher mmr) than you’re remembering.

This won’t fix the massive imbalances.

This would make it faster not slower. The power of op quest on op buddy with op hero is just dumb.

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